Two Shocking Steals In The First Ever Battles: Second Round On The Voice

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I can admit that I’m kind of bummed that the decision was made to get rid of the Knockout Rounds. I really liked the Knockout Rounds. I felt like you got to know the artists better during that round.

I will, however, keep a positive attitude. Why? Because I’m a positive person.

So this is a new round. It’s a second round of battles for the show with one universal mentor.

In this case it’s the “consciously uncoupled” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

So how will this work?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Usher’s hat is going to make me laugh a lot. I can tell.

“The Climb” sung by Audra McLaughlin versus Megan Ruger: Blake says they both occupy the “young powerful female vocalist” on the team. He shows them both their battles to psych the other out. After that, Blake gives them a shortlist of songs. Both of them agree on the Miley Cyrus song so they can both have their moments. Megan is thrilled to meet Chris Martin. Blake said that they both need to improve on the song. Megan needs to be more rocker than pretty. Chris suggests that they need to cover the area and wants people to feel like they are being sung to. Audra has that lovely ethereal voice. Megan’s is much cleaner and crisper. I don’t personally like this song. I’m of the opinion that no one sounds great singing it. WOW! Big note for Audra! I prefer Megan but I think Audra may win. Usher don’t raid Pharrell’s hat closet. He liked Megan’s big notes but preferred Audra over all. Shakira thought Megan looked like a song but thought Audra was connected to the song more. Adam thinks Audra is an amazing singer but thought Megan kept up with her as well. Blake is impressed at how Audra navigates herself through a vocal. He relates more to Megan as a vocalist and how she attacks a song. The winner is AUDRA MCLAUGHLIN!

“Get Here” sung by T.J. Wilkins versus Cierra Mickens: Cierra calls it the “Battle of the Soul Singers.” She also feels at a disadvantage with T.J. Usher warns the dangers of choreography. T.J. is impressed by power. Usher wants to tap into that power for the performance. They decided on “Get Here” because it’s soul but not too far back. Usher wants them to handle the song but also make it their own. Usher tells T.J. to not overstress the song. Cierra needs to put a bit more into it. Chris likes T.J.’s ability to connect. He wants them to work together to connect a bit more. They need to be on each other’s side here. Usher talks about finding what makes it real for him and talks about his kids. Hot dad Usher is really hot so my brain whites out. This song seems kind of silly. I prefer Cierra, but that’s just me. I thought T.J. was gone in his battle with Biff. So what do I know really? I just think Cierra sings the song way better. Shakira thought that they both were insanely great and it was perfect. Adam thought they both were amazing. Blake called Cierra “perfect” and felt the connection between the two. Usher is proud of Cierra’s ownership and how T.J. tackled a traditionally female song. Wow. I was not expecting that. The winner is T.J. WILKINS! I don’t understand. I preferred Cierra.

“Have A Little Faith In Me” sung by Tess Boyer versus Jake Worthington: It’s the Battle Of The Second Chances. Tess really loves country music and is excited to be on Blake’s team. Tess loves Jake’s deep, timeless country voice. Jake looks very, very interested at Tess’ performance. Blake tells Jake to not go down in the note. Chris tells Jake to think about the note in order to get there. Tess’ vowels are difficult with her powerhouse. Jake has that great deep voice that’s very clear. I prefer Tess though. She’s a bit more vulnerable and has that nice light rasp to her voice. Usher is proud of Tess and loves seeing something new from Jake. Shakira is a huge fan of his voice and calls Tess a revelation. Adam loved how much they have improved and is thrilled with their progress. Blake is impressed at how intense this choosing is. He is proud of both of them. The winner is JAKE WORTHINGTON! I’m kind of bummed. I thought Tess won that thing. YES! Usher, Shakira, and Adam all want to Steal Tess to their teams. Usher wants to take Tess back because she’s so talented and he loves her. Shakira uses Miranda to tempt Tess to her side and loves her voice. Adam just wants her on his team because he’s realized how special she is. STEAL: TESS BOYER GOES TO TEAM SHAKIRA! 

“Counting Stars” sung by Christina Grimmie versus Sam Bohymer: This is the Battle Of People Who Underwhelm Me. I literally could care less here about who wins. Christina has power. Sam has authenticity. Christina immediately starts freaking out over Chris Martin. Adam thinks their song is an odd choice because it’s traditionally a guy singing it. Both of them sound horrible and all over the place in rehearsal. Adam calls them out on it. He wants them to calm down and focus. WHAT THE HELL DOES POCKET MEAN?! EVERYONE KEEPS USING THIS TERM! Chris tells them not to mess with the melody on the chorus. Well this is horrible. This is so horrible. I’m going to mute my television now because I like this song and don’t want it ruined. He’s going to go with Sam. Blake is torn between them Christina with power and Sam with finesse. He goes with Sam. Usher loves that Christina is very comfortable with performance and that Sam was in the moment. Shakira feels like both of them aren’t a hundred percent. Adam is proud that both of them focused on rhythm. The winner is CHRISTINA GRIMMIE!

“Run To You” sung by Josh Murley versus Patrick Thomson: So basically it’s the Battle of Former Members of Team Adam. Josh analyzes the mistakes he made. Shakira tells him to pick and choose his moments. Patrick is a bit embarrassed to watch himself. The song they choose is, in Shakira’s opinion, in Josh’s wheelhouse more than Patrick’s. Chris tells them that they need to make it into a duet in the hand. He uses props of mic stands in order to pump them up. He’s thrilled with the change in Patrick. Shakira tells Josh to not be cautious. Shakira tells them that they need to feel like rockstars and to have conviction. Josh has that lighter and cleaner voice. Patrick has the grit and roughness to his voice. They both are similar but also totally different. I don’t mean to be rude but at times with Patrick it sounds like he’s belching the lyrics. I think this is a technical team. Adam is thrilled by the new range he saw from Josh. He said that some of Patrick’s moments were shaky. Overall he was impressed. Blake loves Josh’s voice but loves how Patrick’s voice opens up. He goes with Patrick. Usher thought that Josh’s confidence was awesome and loved Patrick’s vocals. He said that it was complicated for him to make a decision. Shakira thought that the battle was evenly matched. The winner is PATRICK THOMSON! I’m kind of surprised. I thought that Josh was going to win.

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” sung by Delvin Choice versus Josh Kaufman: This is the Battle of the Male Powerhouses. They agree that they make sense to sing together. Ultimately, they decided on a Stevie Wonder song so they can show personality. Adam thinks it’s a great choice because it shows their voices. Adam tells Josh to not hold anything back. Chris seems to agree with him here. Adam tells Josh not to compete with Delvin’s huge voice. He also tells Delvin to not be too monstrous with his voice. This is actually a hard battle to pick sides with. They both are surprisingly good here. Delvin is a bit too over the top for me though. They are going to leave it all on the floor right now. Um if I had to choose? I think Adam is going to go with Josh. Overall? I think that whoever isn’t the winner is going to get stolen. Blake loves Delvin’s newest hairstyle. He also calls Josh sexy. He’s glad that Delvin’s vibrato didn’t dominate the performance. He goes with Delvin. Usher said that their performance was the one of the day. Josh came out of his shell. Shakira is thrilled that Delvin was precise and tasteful. She goes with Delvin because the shock factor of him meeting with Josh’s level. The winner is DELVIN CHOICE! Wow I suck at choosing who wins. Thank God for Usher for having sense. STEAL: JOSH KAUFMAN GOES TO TEAM USHER! 

Adam and Blake have Steals left! Who will go over in the next episode of the Second Round of the Battles! I need to go and sort out my feelings regarding Usher’s hat.

Bec Heim