Three Steals And Bombastic Battles Rock The Third Night Of The Voice Season Six Battles

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Welcome back to the Battle Rounds folks!

Things are about to get down and dirty this week. Usher has two steals. Adam has no steals. Shakira and Blake have a steal a piece.

So what will happen this week? Who will go home? Who will move on? Who will get skipped over in a Battle Round montage? Well actually probably no one because it’s Monday. The Battle montages are a Tuesday fare.

I have no clue! So let’s sit down and tune in to see!

“Happy” sung by Austin Ellis versus Josh Kaufman: I don’t remember Austin. I’m pretty sure that Josh was a four-chair turn. So this kind of feels like sacrificing for cannon fodder. Austin is adorably excited about meeting Aloe Blacc. He gives them a new song with some throwback for the soul singers. Both of them have different styles and personalities. Aloe thinks they represent the diversity in soul music. Josh needs more energy. Austin needs to focus his technique. It’s pretty much that in the battle. Austin has a lot of energy and personality and charisma. Josh has a really excellent technique but his energy is a bit low. Blake said that they had a lot of energy. He thinks Austin is a solid singer, and Josh has an amazing vocal range. He picks Josh. Usher told Austin he saw some rhythmic issues but thinks he was a caged beast. He gives the round to Josh. Shakira loved the battle and waffled between the two. Adam thought that Austin and Josh were amazing. The winner is JOSH KAUFMAN!

“When Will I Be Loved” sung by Alaska & Madi versus Audra McLaughlin: Oh! I remember Audra! She had that huge voice. Audra, according to Band Perry girl, has some problems with dipping into her song. She seems to have some waffling. They need to be careful about stepping over each other. Blake said that it only takes one member of a duo to mess both of them up. Blake says that Alaska & Madi need to be at their best in order to win. Yeah. I’m rooting for Audra because she’s really good. Alaska & Madi are putting too much into it and sound off in some places. Audra is kicking ass all by herself. Usher thought it was incredible, and Audra held her own. Usher thinks that Audra needs to work on her power. Alaska & Madi need to not rely on each other. Shakira is also remaining neutral. Adam thought Alaska & Madi were pitch perfect but the song choice was not good for Audra. Blake said that they all blew everyone away. The winner is AUDRA MCLAUGHLIN!

“Eternal Flame” sung by Deja Hall versus Music Box: Music Box…why? I’m sorry I’m stuck on the name. I’m team Deja all the way. She’s so lovely and has a lovely voice. Miranda says that she needs to find her full voice. Music Box, however, needs to not be full force all the time. The pair are having trouble harmonizing with each other. Shakira wants them to focus more on the emotion. Miranda tells Deja to focus on the emotion. Music Box is having pitch issues. Poor Deja looks really, really nervous. I just wanna give her a huge hug and tell her that it’ll be okay. Music Box is giving it her all. Deja is actually looking alright here. She sounds very lovely but her voice falters. Adam loved them both but thought Deja was impressive. Blake loved Deja’s voice as well and her power. Blake, though, preferred Music Box’s unique vocal styling. Usher thinks that Deja needs support and focus. Shakira thought Music Box needed to connect to the song more and Deja was a bit too young for the song. She loves her angelic voice though. The winner is DEJA HALL! Wow. I thought Shakira would go with Music Box. STEAL: USHER STEALS MUSIC BOX!  Usher thinks that Music Box needs a bit more coaching and can go far.

“Everything Has Changed” sung Madilyn Paige versus Tanner James: Is Provo, Utah a big place? Tanner also screams cannon fodder to me. Usher wants them to feed off of each other’s energy. They also went to the same school and never knew each other. Usher gives them an innocent love song to reflect their age. Usher thinks that Madilyn has a unique tone but it goes a bit linear. Usher needs to force projection for them. Jill Scott thinks that Madilyn has a china-like voice and Tanner has a very strong voice. They needed to connect with the song and give a great performance in the moment. They need to act and sing and grow more comfortable. Usher wants them to let go and not hold back. This so sounds like Usher and Jill Scott are trying to play matchmaker. OhmyGod this is like…they are! I swear that they are! This is so freaking adorable. I have no clue who to pick. Adam called them “cute overload” and thought it was romantic and sweet. He thought it was a sincere and well-done performance. Shakira thought that they were amazing singers and loves Madilyn’s unique tone. She also thought that Tanner had flawless delivery. Blake said that Tanner was surprisingly adorable. He thinks they were very specific in their individuality but chooses Madilyn. Usher is thrilled that they did exactly what he thought they would. The winner is MADILYN PAIGE! 

“Stuck In The Middle” sung by Dawn & Hawkes versus Josh Murley: DAWN & HAWKES!!! I loved these guys! Josh is really excited that he is working with Aloe. Adam thinks that the song is great sing along fun. Adam tells Josh that his job is to stand out. He also thinks Dawn & Hawkes needs to through in a bit of attitude. He has all three need to look uniform. The three part harmony also needs work and to be killer together. Aloe thinks that Josh needs to connect more and wants them to step it up. He wants the song to be infectious. Josh has a pretty good voice with a nice twang to it. Wow. This is really damn good. I love the mellow and fun vibe. This was a great choice. Dawn & Hawkes steal the show for me. Josh was really good together. I just prefer Dawn & Hawkes here. They just sound sooo perfect together. Blake said that it was hard to make a decision but the whole entire song was so great. Blake decides that Dawn is the prettiest so goes with Dawn & Hawkes. Usher loves the group dynamic of Dawn & Hawkes. Ultimately, he gives it to Josh. Shakira says he wanted to have beer because of the song. Adam said they did an excellent job. The winner is DAWN & HAWKES! Hell yeah! STEAL: SHAKIRA STEALS JOSH MURLEY! Shakira thought that Josh was way too talented to walk away from the competition. I agree. I liked him too.

“Piece of My Heart” sung by Bria Kelly versus Tess Boyer: I’m calling Bria now. Here “Steamroller Blues” was the highlight of the Blinds for me. I don’t remember Tess. I think she was a montage singer. Usher wants them to have their own version of vulnerability. Tess has a very, very sultry and mature voice. Tess is intimidated by Bria’s gut-wrenching notes. Tess has trouble letting go of her façade and the poise. Jill Scott wants a badass and desperate approach from Bria. Usher said that Bria needs to control her voice. Wow. Tess is definitely sultry. Bria is bringing the attitude and the big voice. Holy shit. Bria is totally blowing this out of the water. Tess is putting up an admirable fight because she sounds amazing as well. Bria is just on another level entirely. Wow. I think that was the best battle of the season. Period. Shakira thought that it was awesome. She thoughts that Tess went for a more dynamic song and Bria had the best voice. Adam loved Bria and thought that Tess was amazing. He is terrified of Team Usher because of Bria. Blake said that Tess came out of nowhere here. He goes with Tess. Usher is proud of Tess and what had happened with her. Usher wanted to feel the energy and unapologetic nature of the record from Bria and did feel it. The winner is BRIA KELLY! That was not a huge surprise. STEAL: BLAKE SHELTON STEALS TESS BOYER!

And then there was one steal.

Who will Usher steal tomorrow?!

Bec Heim