The Second Nights Of The Battles Premiere Gets Smokin’ Hot On The Voice

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The Battle Rounds are in full swing now, folks!


On Monday’s episode, we saw surprising steals and surprising winners emerge triumphant from the battle arena. Now it’s the second night and the coaches are looking to stack the deck with the best singers on their teams and the best singers remaining on the other teams up for grabs.


So who will emerge triumphant and who will be sent home? It’s hard to tell! So let’s dive right in.


“Cold As Ice” sung by Clarissa Serna versus Jeremy Briggs: I don’t really remember Jeremy except that he was in a classic rock band? I definitely remember Clarissa though because she kicked ass on “Zombie” in the Blinds. I am so rooting for her right now. Shakira pairs them because they are her “rockers.” Clarissa feels a bit nervous and they think that she is focusing too much on her inflections. Shakira tells her to essentially “go hard or go home.” Shakira says it feels like they are competing against each other rather than feeding each other. I love how Clarissa adorably put up her dukes. Holy shit, less than five seconds in and I already love it. It sounds like these two are about to have hate sex on stage. OhmyGod they are both so evenly matched. Someone better get stolen dammit! Look at them! They are so good! I love them both. They sound so good. Okay someone was off for a second there but I have no clue who. Seriously though, Shakira, you better start kicking yourself because this was a stupid move. Both of them would have definitely made it to the Lives. Adam loved the end the best and enjoyed the power of it. Ultimately, he picks Clarissa. Blake was impressed that Jeremy was singing the same key as Clarissa, ultimately though he picks Clarissa. Usher is impressed with Jeremy’s confidence and goes with him. Shakira is proud of their confidence and courage. Jeremy fell out of pocket though and Clarissa didn’t use her “big voice” enough for her. The winner is CLARISSA SERNA! Okay guys. Someone steal Jeremy. He was really good. You want to Usher. Come on Usher. SON OF A BITCH YOU GUYS! Usher is waiting for “incredible.”


“The Man” sung by Caleb Elder versus Delvin Choice: Both of them did not really make a huge impression. Caleb is totally adorable about how excited he is about meeting Aloe. They are both singing a song by Aloe Blacc that I have never heard before but sounds pretty good. Aloe is impressed with Caleb’s voice and Delvin as well. He thinks that Delvin needs to tune it back. The rhythm is proving tricky for both of them. They still haven’t fully learned the song yet. Adam feels like they need to be rappers and speak out the rhythm in order to get it. It works because the next run through is much, much better. I love that Caleb stopped to blow a kiss to his Mom and sister. Awwww. This is not the best battle in the world. The rhythm is hard for them still. It’s better but…not the best. I think we could have lived with this in the montage. I think that Delvin is doing a bit more with it, but they both were not good. Blake said that they had problems but he felt like Caleb had more problems. Usher said that Delvin took them to church and also saw something in Caleb. Shakira loved that they had fun with the performance and goes with Delvin as the winner. The coaches meanwhile agree that Herculean is a cool word. Adam is proud that they got to the point with the rhythm. He agrees that Caleb needs maturing and Delvin needs to tone it down. The winner is DELVIN CHOICE! Yeah I could see that happening.


For Team Blake the winner is Megan Ruger!


For Team Usher the winner is Morgan Wallen!


For Team Shakira the winner is Ddendyl!


Ugh! I really hate that people I like get a montage. Get it Ddendyl!


“Give It To Me Right” sung by Brittnee Camelle versus Melissa Jimenez: I don’t remember Brittnee, which is bad since she did this last week. I remember not liking Melissa at all. So wheee this should be fun. Usher wants them to challenge one another and awaken their inner aggressor. Jill Scott tells Brittnee to drop the attitude and let herself be vulnerable. Usher said that they will step each other a lot and need to commit to the song. Melissa needs to hit her notes with precision. In order to win, they need to show Usher that they did the work. They are trying waaaaay too hard to vamp this up. Seriously “Toxic” on Glee was waaaaay hotter than this. This is kind of…meh. I’m actually kind of bored. Still, since this is the last battle I think they are going to be stolen. Wow. They are trying waaaay too hard to vamp this up. Shakira loved the pitch, pocket, and sexiness. Adam says that Blake is having a heart attack but thought that Brittnee was shaky at the top. Melissa impressed him with the note. He thought that Brittnee had the strongest voice. Blake thought the battle pairing made sense but loved that note at the end for Melissa. He picks Melissa. Usher thought they worked it out and loved the big notes Melissa hit. He loved the highlights both of them showed. The winner is MELISSA JIMENEZ! He thought the battle was epic but that Melissa gave a bit more. Shakira and Adam hit their buttons to steal Brittnee. Adam was impressed by how hard it was for Usher to let her go and that spoke to him. Shakira uses the girl power card. STEAL: BRITTNEE CAMELLE GOES TO TEAM ADAM!


Next week the battle continue!

Bec Heim