The Real World Creeps Up For The Cast Of Glee In “Bash” Extended Summary

Photo courtesy of GleeForum
Photo courtesy of GleeForum

When Glee made the shift to New York full-time, fans were promised more adult storylines to come.

Well…they are definitely giving this to us out of the gate in “Bash.”

Now due to a lot of pictures of the cast, especially Chris Colfer, appearing online; I think it’s safe to say that some people can draw conclusions between the title of the episode “Bash” and what it potentially means for Kurt. Still, if you don’t what to know then I will warn you now the following are definitely spoilers for the episode.

So what does the extended summary from daxterdd’s Tumblr say?

“With opening night of Funny Girl rapidly approaching – and despite the producer’s concerns – Rachel is granted one night off of rehearsals so she can complete her NYADA “Midwinter Critique” for the much feared and revered Carmen Tibideaux. When her performance doesn’t go quite as planned, Rachel finds herself facing an important decision that pits her education against her career. After the close proximity of Sam and Mercedes’ living arrangements leads to the seemingly inevitable hook-up, he tries once again to rekindle their romance. But Mercedes – despite her clear attraction to Sam – hesitates, worried about how dating (as one of her backup singers puts it) “a white, unemployed dude she met in her high school Glee Club” may adversely affect her public image and burgeoning recording career. Meanwhile, Kurt gets a harsh lesson in the difference between life in high school and in the real world when he butts up against an all-too-familiar enemy, but he makes an important realization about himself in the process.”


Okay. So the stuff with Rachel is something that I would have loved to have seen earlier in the season because yeah how is she balancing rehearsals, a job, and being a student at NYADA. Because remember waaaaay back in season three when NYADA was a really big deal and we felt really sad for a couple of episodes after she chokes on her audition? Yeah. So to see how this new lifestyle affects her schooling because she is here to learn and grow as an artist supposedly (but what do I know she got a Broadway role at nineteen). Also I like Carmen Tibideaux. So any excuse to see her is welcome.

Speaking of season three, I always felt like Samcedes back then kind of got the shaft. Out of all the relationships on the show, it was one that I was rooting to see but one that never really came to fruition. Why? Eh. Let’s just blame it on bad writing and move along. So to see Mercedes and Sam both deal with an attraction to each other yet differences in careers and, important in the world of fame, her public image would be something kind of cool. Although the show does do this thing with an idea that sounds cool in theory but in practice is kind of “meh,” so I’ll reserve judgement until the episode.

Finally, and what most of you want me to talk about, Kurt.

Why do the writers love to hurt Kurt so much? Because they really seem to. Just why Kurt? Okay sorry. Anyway this is something that happens in New York. It’s an unfortunate fact of life and definitely a “real world” situation that the show is going to touch on. It’ll definitely shatter some of the dream that New York is this amazing place where everyone accepts you and all your dreams come true. Which is, admittedly, something that has kind of annoyed me regarding the New York plots. Again, after all the major shit that Kurt has been through during his run I feel bad that he is going to be the one who witnesses and is injured in trying to stop a gay-bashing. Ultimately though, it was a subject that Glee was going to broach eventually.

So “Bash” definitely sounds like the stepping stones to that more mature Glee that the writers and producers have been telling us about. Let’s see where the actual episode takes us.

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  1. Why Kurt? Because Chris Colfer has the acting ability to make this story work. He’s been, in my opinion, underused the past two seasons. He’s finally getting a story to showcase his Golden Globe winning skills. I look forward to watching him bring this to life.

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