The “City Of Angels” Brings The Most Touching Nationals Yet On Glee

Photo courtesy of Fanpop
Photo courtesy of Fanpop

So welcome to what is, perhaps, the final Nationals on the show.

With the move to New York full time and most of the cast out of commission for the rest of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised that the sixth season of Glee just focused on wacky adventures in New York.

I like the newbies of New Directions, but I was in the minority. Plus from a storytelling perspective, I get it. With the last members of the old guard graduating, there would be a need for more characters on the Lima side to make-up the numbers for the competition. What this means is a bunch of new characters and it probably wasn’t what was needed.

I get it. I really do. I’m just going to miss Lima. It was a strange and kind of fucked up place, but honestly what hometown isn’t?

Anyway the move to New York is happening for those of you who hate the Lima side of the equation. So cool the jets, it is coming. Also the ending is spoiled to everyone since every major entertainment news outlet and their mother spoiled the outcome of it.

Also hey it’s Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect. It would have been hilarious if he was in an all male acapella group but I guess that was too on the nose.


Bright Lights, Big City (Love To L.A.): It’s Nationals! So New Directions are going to sunny Los Angeles to compete for the title. They are joined by Burt and Carole, who are there as chaperones and to support them in honor of Finn. Sam, however, is feeling added pressure because he has to step up as leader of the club after a talk from Mr Schue. Sam was who Finn wanted to lead the club after he graduated and if they need him then Sam needs to step up. Which Sam did even before the talk by rounding up members to make-up their numbers and by focusing solely on the club. Now he’s more determined to make it happen. While there they meet Throat Explosion and their French-Canadian leader, Jean-Baptiste. Jean-Baptiste waffles between being a total asshole and being okay. He expresses condolences but refuses to treat them differently in the course of competition. Still, at points, he acts like a total dick, but whatever, we’re never going to see him again. Also while in L.A., they meet Mercedes who is experiencing stardom after selling one of her CD’s in a parking lot to Kayne West’s maid which somehow got to Kayne which somehow got to Ryan Seacrest which led to Mercedes getting a record deal with Sony along with a song-writing contract to work on songs for other performers.

Born With A Feeling (Our Angel’s Song Lives On): Speaking of Finn, New Directions are taking time to remember their fallen leader. It’s actually very touching especially since Finn still remains my favorite character. I just like to see him honored and remembered. Anyway, the New Directions sneak into the theater the night before Nationals and have a show choir circle. Sam takes out Finn’s plaque and they have a nice moment before Throat Explosion comes in. Jean-Baptiste is sympathetic but refuses to treat them any differently due to their lost. The next day, however, the plaque is missing and Throat Explosion are the chief suspects. Sam confronts Jean-Baptiste who acts like a dick. It is later revealed that someone on Throat Explosion did steal the plaque. Jean-Baptiste didn’t know and mailed it back to Sam with an apology note that says the student has been expelled from the club and banned from performance competition for the stunt. Carole is having a hard time being around her son’s friends and being reminded of Finn’s death. So Burt offers for them to just go somewhere else for the day, they leave and it looks like they aren’t coming. They do, however, make a last minute appearance as Carole knows that Finn would have wanted them there in his place. She gives them a rousing speech and encourages New Directions to go kick ass. They do kick a lot of ass, however, it’s not enough and they place second to Throat Explosion.

I Know What I Want (I Still Haven’t Found It): Ryder is still Marley’s friend and is concerned due to some light Facebook stalking. She changed her job from “Singer-Songwriter” to “Undecided” and he wants to know why. Marley tells him that her songs keep losing when she sends them to competitions or, worse, she never hears back from them again. She thinks it’s the universe telling her that maybe her dreams aren’t meant to be. She’s also planning on quitting glee club. Ryder, however, decides to try and fix it. So he goes to Jake. The two of them hash it out because of how quickly Ryder made his move on Marley after she and Jake broke up. They make-up (slightly) because they want Marley to chase her dreams. So they take the songs to the only professional songwriter and singer they know, Mercedes. After the performance, Mercedes finds Marley outside and tells her to chase her dreams because she is talented and special. She lost to Rachel constantly in high school, after all, and look where she is now. You can’t argue with that logic. 

Counting Stars (It’s Time To End): Back in Ohio, Becky goes to summon Will to the office of Sue Sylvester. Will goes to see Sue where we find that the Cheerios have won Nationals under Roz. In the office, Sue is rather kind toward Will about what happened. She tells them that, for money reasons, she had to cut a lot of losing clubs this year while the winning ones stay. She also details the plans for the choir room, which includes turning it into a computer lab and selling the band equipment. She said that the reason she was so mean was because they needed an adversary and because she likes Will so much. I call bullshit on that but what do I know? It’s Glee. The rule about Glee is that logic does not function here. Moving on, news reaches New York and thus sets up the lead-in to the 100th episode.

Bec’s Train Of Thought

Wow that was kind of intense to put on him Will. Also thanks for explaining how they got to 12 New Directions members Sam.

Aww. It’s Carole and Burt guys. I’m already tearing up.

It’s a little bit of a family vibe. And I’m hanging onto Mister Tissue.

Let’s count all the L.A. landmarks. I love how this was basically a day at work for them.

Wow. Mercedes that is… great. Can this happen in real life?

Also wow. Sue that was a dick move.

Jean-Baptiste is a douchebag. Sorry Skylar Astin but it’s true. Such a douchebag. Why are the rival choirs usually douches?

Oh hey the writers notice that Marley and Ryder exist. This was actually a very nice scene.

Sneaking on the stage? Did they do this the last time at Nationals?

OhmyGod Sam you are making me cry. Well at least you’re not a total asshole Jean-Baptiste.

That was such Dad advice Burt – “Go down to the 7-11.”

Oh Carole. Where are my tissues again?

Well it’s nice that they are closing up the few threads.

But seriously someone give Finn’s plaque back. You guys are assholes Throat Explosion.

OhmyGod I love the show choir judges. They are hilarious.

So they’re dressed like Vegas showgirls because that’s a good idea. The lead girl is a really good singer.

Oh Carole and Burt.

Dammit. Jean-Baptiste is an asshole but Skylar Astin is an awesome performer. This is really impressive.

Carole you are truly amazing at the inspirational speech.

This whole performance is going to make me insanely emotional. This is amazing. This is a perfect performance tribute to Finn. I am sobbing right now. Of course these are all Finn’s favorite songs, I am going back to sobbing right now. And now it’s a montage of Finn…

And there are the drumsticks.

That was nice ending for Marley. Really sweet Mercedes to tell her that.

Son of a bitch. I knew this was coming and I still feel bad. Also you know being second in the nation is not a bad thing. Like seriously fuck Sue and her twisted sense of winning. It’s still something to be proud of and an amazing accomplishment.

Well at least that Jean-Baptiste had some sense of a moral code. I’m glad that jackass who stole the plaque got booted.

Hi nice Sue. I’ve missed you.

Well that stopped Rachel and Santana sniping at each other didn’t it.


“I Love L.A.” sung by Will Schuester and New Directions Boys: This was a fun song! I love that basically a day of work was eating hot dogs at Pinks and riding around on a double decker bus in the city. I don’t like Randy Newman but Matthew Morrison and the rest of the male cast totally nailed it. They sounded great and it was just a pleasure to listen to. B+

“Vacation” sung by The Amazonians: I don’t get their costumes. They kind of looked like showgirls and then there were beach balls. I don’t get it. Um the lead girl was good. I don’t know who she is but she sounded really good. I also love this song. The dancing was nice. Overall it was decent. B-

“Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars” sung by Throat Explosion: Jean-Baptiste is an asshole. Dammit though Skylar Astin is amazingly talented. Also props to the music department here because these two songs should have no business together but damn if it doesn’t work. The dancing was good. The singing was good. That middle costume change? That was kind of cool. I got to give credit where credit is due. A

“More Than A Feeling” sung by New Directions: Wow Jenna Ushkowitz was amazing here. Holy shit that was star power and really great, I just loved it. Darren Criss, also on lead, sounded fantastic too. I love the whole dreamy quality of the song but there was power behind it. It was a really great start. A

“America” sung by New Directions: Out of all the songs, this one was probably the weakest. I love Neil Diamond, but eh? It was fun though. Becca Tobin and Chord Overstreet paired each other well as duet partners. Kevin McHale also got some freaking amazing moments in the song. The whole piece was enhanced by Alex Newell’s glory notes. It was fun and sweet and kind of patriotic. A-

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” sung by New Directions: This was my favorite one. If there was a song that could encapsulate Finn on his journey through the show, then this was probably it. I normally hate U2, but wow. Seriously this was a perfect representation of Finn’s character. Chord Overstreet sold this song with his intensity and passion in his performance. The montage of scenes of Finn intercut in the song was really sweet, too. It was a moving finale and grand in its own way. It was my favorite performance of the night period. A+

Alright Gleeks! Join us next week when we celebrate the 100th episode and say goodbye to Ohio.


Bec Heim