“T.A.H.I.T.I” Surprises Us All On This Week’s Agents Of SHIELD

Photo courtesy of ABC
Photo courtesy of ABC


Hello everyone! Your usual recapper, Agent Stephanie Coats is down for the count this week (feel better soon) so yours truly here will be taking you all the magical place that is Tahiti on this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

For those of you who might have missed the show’s last outing, Skye has been shot and is currently hanging on by a thread; it’s up to the team to save her, which brings us to this week’s action packed episode.

Hope everyone has been cleared to go past this point (SPOILERS SWEETIES) because here we go!

What You Need To Know:

The cavalry is pissed off: hell hath no fury like a Melinda May scorned. Seeing Skye in such a bad state sets off our normally cool as cucumber ultimate female BAMF. May delivers Quinn the best beat down known to man as the episode begins. It’s a pity Coulson and Ward stopped her from finishing him because May wasn’t holding anything back.

Bill Paxton is the freaking man: This episode introduced us to Agent Garrett, played by the wonderful Paxton. Garrett seriously became one of my favorite new characters in this episode as he comes to snatch Quinn from his good buddy Coulson as he too was hunting the sleaze down. Luckily for us, the fellas come to an agreement about Quinn as each of them need him for something (Coulson as leverage against the Clairvoyant; Garrett for other crimes). Garrett is a take no prisoners kinda guy, which comes in handy for the team later on. Garrett delivers some of the best lines in the episode and gives the team a much needed boost of confidence (can we keep him?).

SHIELD’s lies are bountiful: Coulson’s files have more holes in them than Swiss cheese. Turns out our Coulson wasn’t treated in Maryland like he was told. After giving FitzSimmons access to his files, the amazing duo discovered another of SHIELD’s lies and tracked down where Coulson was really treated (some obscure mountain location with an amazing view), and not a moment too soon as Skye’s condition was deteriorating.

Tahiti fights back: After failing to get by the operatives in charge of the secret compound, the fellas (minus Agent Triplett, Garrett’s right hand man) break into the compound to seek the serum used on Coulson (GH325) to save Skye. They ran into some resistance by way of gun fire but are successful in taking down the operatives. Victory is short lived as they discover the place has been rigged to blow (oops). Coulson and crew quickly find the serum and race out of there before it blows, however, only after Coulson discovers and completely comes undone at the sight of what GH325 really is: a creepy alien avatar looking creature whose blood is the key (cue the groans of being grossed out here).

Skye is saved, Simmons has a new admirer and everything else: The team administers the serum to Skye against Coulson’s wishes unfortunately (he changed his mind at the last minute), and Skye begins to recover. As for Simmons, she gains an fan in Agent Triplett by the end of the episode (I ship it). Garrett ends up taking Quinn but not before promising to be back soon (yay!). May and Coulson have another heart to heart about what happened to him, which just makes us wonder what more do we need to know before this is all over.

End credits fun: Asgard finally comes to pay Midgard a visit by way of Lorelei, a woman running from something or someone….

Quotes of the night:

“If they scratch my paint, I’m going to be pissed.” – Coulson in regards to Garrett landing on the BUS.

“What if they don’t want to help us?” – Ward “I’ll say pretty please.” – Garrett while cocking his gun.

That’s it for me tonight!
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