Sony PlayStation’s ‘The Last Of Us’ To Be Seen On The Big Screens

Photo courtesy of IGN
Photo courtesy of IGN

If the game wasn’t movie-like enough for us fans, Screen Gems, Sony, and Naughty Dog are collaborating to produce a film out of one of the most cinematic games, The Last Of Us.

With 3.4 million copies sold within three weeks of releasing (last summer), along with many awards won along the way, The Last Of Us has, no doubt, created a big impact not only on PlayStation 3 players, but also on the gaming community.

The Last Of Us starts off in a perfect world when a pestiferous infection spread amongst civilization worldwide. Twenty years later, the Earth is completely transformed; dead, grey, and sucked dry, and what’s left of it are Quarantine Zones. Through smuggling goods with his partner, Joel takes on a favor and mission to deliver a fourteen year old girl named Ellie to another Quarantine Zone, but things aren’t as simple as it sounds. With great love and loss, Joel and Ellie are found in a complex journey that will forever change their lives.

Creative Director of The Last Of Us, Neil Druckmann, will be writing the script for the film, working alongside with creative architects Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, and Game Director Bruce Straley. They will also be teaming up with Ghost House Pictures for the film production.

Wells says the combination of Screen Gems and Ghost House is “a perfect fit. Since our game released last June, we’ve talked with many companies about making a film, but we couldn’t have found better partners who share our creative vision and high standards.”

And I hope they do have creative vision and high standards. The game itself was fantastic. I can’t say much about it as I have yet to finish the game, but so far the story is surprisingly touching and emotional. Yes, even after all the graphic violence there are some pretty uplifting moments.

You can watch The Last Of Us game trailer below:


Could this be the first great film adapted from video games? Yes, there are some popular ones like Resident Evil and Silent Hill that have made it pretty big in the gaming and movie industry, but the main problem is a lot of significant things are omitted. The main themes, messages, and even connections get easily lost through film adaptations, and the only things that remain are the gore, slashing, and killing.

If things are done right this time, The Last Of Us will certainly top off the list.