“Payback” is in Order This Week on Revenge

Picture courtesy of TV.com
Picture courtesy of TV.com

It’s been a long and painful wait for Revenge’s return, but this week it took no time for the show to return full swing and dive right back into the drama of our favourite Hampton elites.

We quickly learn Jack and Margaux are house shopping, and that they are adorable while they are at it. Although the French journalist is having her magazine issues because duh, it’s under Grayson thumb, things seem to be going well for the duo.

Things are also looking good for our favourite fashionable young Grayson. Charlotte’s 19th birthday is coming up and she doesn’t want much. Just a job. She couldn’t get into the design institute (not sure why because damn she always looks perfect) so next up is attempting to get a job at Voulez. Daniel just gets her a huge party. Meh. We’ll take it.

While things look up for Charlotte and Jack, Patrick and Victoria have been slightly um, burnt. Victoria suffers a setback when she finds out “someone” burnt down the gallery (It was Patrick but shh… don’t tell). Just when we want to smile at Victoria’s struggles and the fact that surprise, her perfect son isn’t so perfect, a blast from Victoria’s past makes our heart ache for the sometimes cruel sometimes lovable and always sassy Grayson. Turns out, the worker contracted to fix the damage is Jimmy, Victoria’s past rapist.

Emily on the other hand is trying to figure out how to deal with (see: end a.s.a.p) her blackouts. She finds out she didn’t sleep with Conrad, but apparently she did however summon Conrad’s ex wife Stevie to set up divorce papers for Emily and Daniel. When she meets with Stevie in the Stowaway, which she apparently frequented in her past years, Emily finds out she told Conrad’s former wife that she wanted a divorce because she was in love with someone else (see: Aiden). Uh oh. In the words of Nolan, “Black out Ems tells the truth.”

Emily blackouts after her meeting with Stevie. During the blackout, she finds herself at Aiden’s trying to push him into some last-minute sex. Aiden exclaims, “this isn’t you” to which we respond, “it’s really not though.” Unfortunately, only minutes after his speech, he is found by Niko. Niko drugs him, ties him up, and asserts that as punishment for killing her father, that they will kill Emily together. When Emily does show up, her and Aiden leave unscathed after instilling the fear of god into Niko – Emily almost killed her.

Emily shows up in front of her house after the blackout, but shortly after a brief conversation with Nolan, blacks out again then finds herself at Charlotte’s birthday. It’s here that Queen Victoria delivers one of her greatest lines ever to Emily: “Who are your parents, where did you come from, and why are you still here?” If only she knew.

Come to think of it, this episode started off dominated by Emily and her blackouts, but the show does end up dominated by Victoria. Patrick decides to not fire Jimmy, the demon of Victoria’s past, after hearing about his regrets concerning the son he never met. Internally, we know Patrick was screaming “THAT WAS ME.” The boy who grew up without a father wins against the mommy’s boy he has become, much to Victoria’s chagrin. When the three come together in a weird family reunion, it ends with Patrick smashing Jimmy’s head against a counter, killing him, and Victoria leaving him there to rot.

However, Victoria isn’t the only one losing it. Nolan speaks his mind and reminds Emily that mental illness runs in her family and she needs to prepare for the worst. Emily is terrified at the prospect, considering nothing ever really worked for her mother.

Just when we think the revelation that Emily may have serious mental health issues in her near if not present future is the big jaw dropper this week, Stevie returns to the Stowaway and questions Jack about his connections with Conrad. Why the interest in Jack? Surprise. She’s his mother.

I don’t even know if I am ever surprised by this show anymore. I just expect to have my mind blown. Stay tuned for next weeks update on our favourite revengers.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues