Past and Present “New Directions” To Look To The Past And Future in Glee’s 100 Episode Second Parter

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Big changes are happening on Glee, with the show now moving to follow McKinley’s graduates as they move to New York, where we will stay for the remainder of the season. Cohabiting Klaine, yay!

Before that though, we see the very welcome return of some old faces back at McKinley High as the show celebrates its 100th episode, a celebration so big it has to be spread over two episodes, and now we’ve been given an extended summary of the second part – “New Directions“. Some spoilers for the “100” are referred to, so do not read further if you want to remain unspoiled.

With the New Directions officially at an end, students past and present reunite and look toward what their futures might hold. So many familiar faces are back it’s hard to know where to start, but not only can we look forward to past season regulars such as Quinn, Puck, Mercedes and Mike, we are also treated to the return of guest stars Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes, and Gwyneth Paltrow as substitute teacher Holly Holliday, who seems to have formed an unlikely friendship with Principal Sylvester, and convinces her to let Will and the New Directions trial a new extra-curricular music group- though it doesn’t go quite as planned.

The original glee club members attempt to try and heal the rift between Santana and Rachel, but with limited success, and “it takes wise words from an unexpected source to make any progress toward ending the feud”. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany come to a realisation about the future of their relationship, a pessimistic Will gets mixed news about his future as a teacher, and Tina grows more concerned about her minimal college options, and resorts to “questionable tactics”. Phew. I almost thought Glee was supposed to be a comedy…

On the brighter side, my Quick heart beats happily once more when Puck makes a heartfelt admission to Quinn and receives “an unexpected and welcome response.”

I am so excited for this 100th celebration and it seems to be an ideal transition to New York. The cast will be performing new versions of previously performed songs, along with a few new ones, one of which I cannot wait to hear – the Kurt/Mercedes duet “I’m Changing”. What are your thoughts? Who are you waiting to see on screen? Which storyline excites you the most? Hit the comments below!

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