“New Directions” Say Goodbye And Head Down A New Path In This Week’s Glee

Photo courtesy of Glee Wikia
Photo courtesy of Glee Wikia

“New Directions” indeed.

I always liked the name of the McKinley High School show choir. Despite the fact that the name could be taken as “Nude Erections,” I always felt like it symbolized something about Glee.

The show has characters finding their own new directions. They started and stopped on different paths whether it be relationships, career ambitions, school, life…they continually go on a new direction.

Maybe I’m feeling a bit sentimental as we say goodbye to Ohio where we had a hundred lessons, a hundred new beginnings and endings, into a new direction for the show and for the characters.

People are graduating. New career prospects are in bloom. College is on the horizon. Relationships are in gear. It’s new and familiar, same and different. It’s a bit of the new Glee and a bit of the old Glee.

But the fact that the show is taking its own new direction to a more adult world is something that needs to be considered. I suppose that what the show is saying is that it’s time to grow up and leave the safety of the familiar behind for all of us: viewers and characters.

Also, side question, we only got eight remixed songs. Where are the other two Glee? We were promised ten!


Never Stop Believing (Final Bow New Directions): It’s still the last week of New Directions. Everyone is saying goodbye. April and Holly give it one last shot to save the glee club. Holly uses her BFF powers over Sue to wrangle a week to find a way to incorporate music into the extracurricular activities of McKinley. Rather than forming like a Music Appreciation Society or something; Holly decides to try to win the Animal Husbandry club with Eddie Murphy’s (yes that Eddie Murphy) one hit wonder song. The Animal Husbandry club is horrified and complains to Sue, who puts an end to the experiment. Holly tries to argue. Will, however, is pretty much defeated at this point and just wants to get through the rest of the week. Holly decides that if they cannot get music into McKinley’s clubs, then they can at least cheer Will up. She enlists the aid of Artie. The whole glee club bans together and talks about just what the club, and Will in particular, meant to them as a video to his future child. Will is understandably moved and the club ends where it began with “Don’t Stop Believin’”. On the day of graduation, the newbies of New Directions finish with the cleaning up of the ex-choir room. Together, they reminisce and promise to remain friends because, even briefly, it made them better people. After the graduation, Will and Sue share a drink together. Sue thanks Will for being the adversary that she was always looking for. She also tells him that he touched a lot of lives in that room and made them better. Will is just…disappointed because of all the future kids he is depriving of an experience. Sue tells him that he’s meant to teach music because that is where he brings joy. She informs that he has an interview with Vocal Adrenaline to be their new director and tells him to give it a shot. She leaves Will in the room where he remembers all the incidents past and hears New Directions one last time. He takes a bow before turning out the lights, smiling, and leaving the room. Meanwhile, I become a gross sobbing mess.

Let’s Be Okay Again (Give Me A Reason): Kurt and Mercedes decide to try to get Rachel and Santana talking again. Mainly, I’m assuming, for Kurt’s mental health because he will be the only sane person in New York once Adam Lambert’s guest run is finished. So after an obviously rehearsed explanation, they (as is custom) break into song. It works for at least one of them. Rachel wants to talk with Santana because she is tired of all the fighting and drama. She offers to miss ten shows after the first three months of Funny Girl. They can be any ten that Santana wants. Santana, however, wants the role all to herself. Rachel is frustrated that Santana just suddenly wants the part she worked her whole life to get. Brittany, meanwhile, definitely seems to sense this on some level. So she invites Santana into the choir room and surrounds her with lilies. She hands Santana a one-way ticket to Lesbos and asks her to go with her because the world makes sense when she is around. Santana says no because she thinks Brittany is running away from MIT. Brittany just wants to be happy. She tells Santana that she is only using Funny Girl as a stepping stone to something else but, ultimately, it’s not her. Santana seems to agree with that. She finds Rachel in the auditorium. There, Santana tells Rachel that she texted Carlisle Cullen and told him that she resigns as the understudy. Which is probably giving the poor guy a heart attack, but whatever they’ll find someone I’m sure. Rachel coaxes Santana into singing with her one last time in the choir room. At the graduation ceremony, Brittany is surprised to hear her name called, apparently being an MIT genius and Santana calling in a favor with Sue, allows her to graduate. After the ceremony, Santana says that they are going to Lesbos and then on to Hawaii as a vacation. Brittany says that she doesn’t want to go back to MIT or Lima. This is fine with Santana because she wants Brittany to come to New York with her when the vacation is done.

Total Eclipse (Believe In The Plan): I feel Tina’s pain. Getting waitlisted blows monkey chunks. It’s like being in Purgatory. Tina, however, refuses to be deterred after being waitlisted from Brown and rejected from her safety school of Ohio State. Meanwhile, Blaine has gotten into NYADA. She decides to apply to a Jewish college at the last minute and lies a bit on her application for it. She has focused in on New York because that is where her friends are going to be. She gets especially focused on it after getting knocked on her head a la “Props” and has a vision of Chums. Chums is basically what Glee would be as a Friends knockoff. Of course, the college tells her that her application is a) five weeks late and b) she is a lying liar who lies. Tina doesn’t feel good about not having a plan. Artie, Blaine, and Sam tell her that she doesn’t need a plan. Her friends will help her get on her feet in New York. So she decides to throw caution to the wind and go to New York City. At graduation, however, she retracts it because ultimately she was accepted into Brown.

Love Me, Love Me (A Quick Update): I have no idea where to put this, so it’s going here. Puck and Quinn announce themselves as an official couple. Quinn admits that Puck is the only guy who liked her for her and not what she represented. She is still going to be at Yale and Puck will be in the Air Force but with hard work she thinks that they can make it. She wants the hard with Puck over the easy with another guy who would make her be someone she is not.

Bec’s Insane Fangirl Ranting

As with last week, I am going to take time to reiterate something. I do not like Holly Holliday. I will, as a mature person and an adult (or so they tell me), attempt to not let the rage cloud my judgment. I just really don’t like her.

Oh God. Weren’t you two supposed to help save glee club?

Brown isn’t even in New York. It’s in Rhode Island! KNOW YOUR DIRECTIONS!

If anyone of this age is reading this, HAVE MORE THAN ONE BACK-UP SCHOOL!

Oh. Wow. This…is something. I’m missing Friends. Okay that was really, really funny Kurt. Wow. This is actually really funny.

There are a lot of throwbacks. I’m noticing a lot of them. Is anyone else? This is such a transparent excuse to try to get Santana and Rachel to talk, you two.

Okay. I’m getting a Chris Colfer and Amber Riley duet now. So I’m going to bask in the awesome. My ears are so happy right now guys.

Wow, Rachel, that’s showing real growth.

Alrighty then wow. This is…I can feel my bile sack kicking in. Also kind of offensive. And now Eddie Murphy? What? Why?

I do love cheesy outfits and disco balls. Chris what are you wearing? No, seriously what is he wearing? Now there is foam. Poor Animal Husbandry club. Why not just make a Music Appreciation Club or something?

Brittany you are really, really smart in the subject of Santana Lopez. Still though if Santana drops out, then Rachel is still going to need an understudy. Also it’s kind of majorly unprofessional…riiiight I forgot Logic and Glee hate each other.

The flowers came from a grand romantic gesture, Artie. Oh! Oh my…this is lovely. Shhh just enjoy the pretty.

Can she do that? Oh forget it. Well that was a kind of making up…I guess. Let’s just listen to the pretty song. Aww, Mike and Tina dancing made me all nostalgic.

Wow. Will does sound really defeated doesn’t he?

EEEEEE!!! QUINN AND PUCK DUET! YES! OhmyGod this is really kind of adorable and bittersweet and amazing. HELL YEAH YOU TWO KISS!

“I’d rather do hard with you than easy with someone else.” Quinn! That was right on girl!

Awww. This Will Schuester Appreciation video is making me tear up. This is so incredibly loving and sweet. Oh and now they’re singing! My cold black shriveled heart is starting to feel amazing. OhmyGod this farewell is literally amazing.

This is literally the perfect way to say goodbye to Lima. I’m crying and smiling. MIKE AND WILL DANCING! JAKE JOINING THEM!!!!! FIVE WAY DANCE PARTY! Lifting up Will! The walk forward!

It’s nice for the newbies to have their own goodbye and reaffirmation of their friendship.

Becky and Sue’s hug is making me tear up again. Hey! Brittany got to graduate!

That’s sweet, Santana. I just hope that you broke up with Dani first.

This moment with Will and Sue is also surprisingly sweet for them.

Will Schuester taking his final bow is really sad.

Okay. New headcanon. Will Schuster gets a job at Vocal Adrenaline. The New New Directions go with him and they’re happy there okay? They’re all happy and awesome. Yes. This is the new headcanon. Love it and accept it.

…Sooo wasn’t “Total Eclipse of the Heart” supposed to be in this episode? Bueller? Bueller?


“I’m Changing” sung by Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel: I don’t remember Chris Colfer and Amber Riley ever having sung in a duet together. It’s a shame because this was very good. Chris’ lighter voice and Amber’s powerful voice mixed well together. I admit that Amber overpowered Chris a bit at the end. Yet he held his own against someone powerful. Also Amber Riley for a Dreamgirls Broadway revival! B+ 

“Party All The Time” sung by Holly Holliday with New Directions: Why Eddie Murphy? No. Seriously. I’m insanely curious about what the thought process was here. Gwyneth sounded alright. I also really liked the 70’s funky club costumes. Those were super fun. It…um…no. I don’t know what to do with it. C+

“Loser Like Me” sung by New Directions Seniors: I really, really liked this cover. It was slow, a bit sad, and very sweet. The seniors of New Directions using this as a bonding moment was just really nice to see. All of them sounded great here. Honestly? It was one of the better group numbers this season. I just liked the stripped down intimacy of the song. A

“Be Okay” sung by Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry: This was really, really fun. I said it once and I’ll say it again. I love it when Naya Rivera and Lea Michele get a chance to duet together. The song was fun and young and really happy. I love good vibes. It was also a chance for Santana and Rachel to mend their friendship without actually saying it. Awesome song. A- 

“Just Give Me A Reason” sung by Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman: I can’t believe that Puck and Quinn never had a duet together. That’s kind of surprising. While I’m bummed that parts of it were cut for time. What remained was really nice. It was very romantic and sweet to see them together. Also for them to acknowledge that the relationship will be hard by choosing to sing this song. It was a good choice and good balance. I just wanted more. A-

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” sung by Will Schuester and April Rhodes with New Directions: Um this song wasn’t in the episode. Yet it was on the album so it’s getting reviewed. Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth sounded amazing together as always. It was more true to the original song but very nice. It fit them very well. Wish I could have seen it. B+

“Don’t Stop Believin’” sung by New Directions: I had to save this song for last. It’s the beginning and the end for the Lima half of Glee. It’s also a reminder to never ever stop believing. I have no words here. A+ 

Next week, we make the full time move to New York and have a time skip as well. So how is everyone fairing? We’ll find out. (Also Sam FINALLY gets a better haircut! Praise the Lord!)


Bec Heim