Let’s Look At The Musical Side Of The Oscars: How Did They Rate?

Photo courtesy of Idolator
Photo courtesy of Idolator 

It’s Oscars night!


And yeah everyone will be talking about the dresses. I, however, know so little about fashion that it is not even funny.


So I will be talking about the music. Because, while not the level of the Tonys, the Oscars do have their moments of music and fun.


So how do they rate? Which one soared and which ones failed? Read on and find out!


“Happy” sung by Pharrell Williams: Oh he breaks out that hat. Pharrell does have a lot of energy. Hello dancers! And random smiley face wearing his hat. Well we know where all that LSD Jim Carrey was talking about went. I love that Lupita got up to dance! Go Meryl with that little shimmy. She is amazing. I love these dancers. It’s fantastically energetic. And people actually get up! Breakdancing at the Oscars! This is exactly what was needed. …Was that Jamie Foxx? This is a great performance to bring the energy! Play to the audience Pharrell. It was a super fun performance. I loved it. People are happy because the song makes them feel that way dammit. A


“The Moon Song” sung by Karen O with Ezra Koenig: Karen O looks stunning with that long red dress falling everyway. It’s very intimate with her shoes off and just very mellow. It’s actually really sweet where “Happy” was energy this was lovely and low key. It just felt like an intimate moment with the two and the audience. Karen and Ezra have very sweet chemistry. I loved it. I can’t really comment on much because of how low key it was. But yes simply lovely and almost like a lullaby. A-


“Ordinary Love” sung by U2: Oh. So that’s why U2 was here. Hi Bono. I don’t know what to say. It’s…It’s a U2 song. Ultimately…I’m bored. Like really bored. Sorry U2 fans. I just…there’s nothing that is really interesting to me. Bored. I don’t expect it to be big or anything but Karen O’s performance was waaay better in the intimate setting. C


“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” sung by P!nk: It’s hard to fuck up singing this song. It’s drilled into us since childhood. Saying this, P!nk sings it very well. Her dress could have done without the cape. She does a very pretty cover of it. She also does do the song justice. She’s P!nk and she respects her medium of song well. It has the oomph in the right places. She also has the right vulnerability for the song. It’s the last notes that utterly sell it. She brings so much wonderful power to the end. I still don’t get the choice for using her but whatever. B+


“Wind Beneath My Wings” sung by Bette Midler: Uh. It’s the In Memoriam song. So I’m going to keep my trap shut. It’s one of Bette Midler’s best songs. I honestly don’t know what to say about it that hasn’t already been said? Um. It’s good but I don’t know if it’s up to her usual standards. No. I just want this to be over. It’s not. Sorry Bette. B-


“Let It Go” sung by Idina Menzel: Someone at the Oscar needed to work on the sound at the beginning. Damn right honey. You don’t care. I love all the crystal looking like ice on set. It’s really beautiful. Oh hell yeah Idina. Shaky start but you finish off strong! SHOW THEM ALL! Hell yeah this is glorious! Oh that got a little screechy at the end. The middle was good. She just got screechy at the end and off at the start. B

So what was your favorite and least favorite performance of the night?

“Happy” was my favorite.




Bec Heim