Lea Michele Spills The Details On Glee, Louder, Broadway And So Much More

Photo courtesy of Lea Michele/Teen Vogue
Photo courtesy of Lea Michele/Teen Vogue


Lea Michele is not only the star of FOX’s musical comedy/drama series Glee, her debut solo album, Louder just launched at number 1 on iTunes, she has a book coming out in May [Brunette Ambition], and she lent her voice to the upcoming animated musical Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s return. Phew, I’m tired just writing that.

Taking time out of her busy schedule, Michele spoke with BroadwayWorld.com about, well, everything, and then some.

Starting with Glee, Michele gave away some song spoilers for future episodes, and what spoilers they are! Glee fans are in for a treat when the show pays homage to one of the legends of musical theatre by incorporating two of Stephen Sondheim’s works into upcoming episodes: “No One Is Alone” from Into The Woods and “Not While I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd.

Granted not everyone will know some of the Broadway classics that are coming up on Glee. Glee‘s fandom, like its musical numbers, are an eclectic mix of genres and era lovers. However, fans shouldn’t be disheartened if the songs are not familiar as apparently not even all the Glee cast know them either. “…Something so hilarious happened on the set the other day when we were singing “No One Is Alone”. Me, Chris [Colfer] and Darren [Criss] obviously knew every word, and, Chord [Overstreet], who was with us, was just like, “What is this song?!”

From the sounds of things, there may be a fair few Broadway tunes incorporated over the remainder of season five and into season six: “Chris is going to be singing some great Broadway stuff, too. There is such great music coming up on Glee – especially the Broadway stuff.”

(insert me screaming, Yay! Broadway, here)

Speaking of Broadway, did you know that Glee creator Ryan Murphy purchased the rights to Funny Girl? As in at some time in the future, most likely after Glee ends, we will see life imitate art, when Lea Michele takes to the stage as Fanny Brice in real life as well as, as Rachel Berry on Glee. If that’s not the most incredibly awesome thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

Onto her recently released and chart topping album, Louder, Michele reveals that “The Bells” was actually the very first song she recorded, way back in 2012 and that her record label held onto it for her until she was ready and able to complete the album.

Going on to explain the inspiration behind another track, “Cue The Rain”, Lea says that that song is very special to her and reflects a particular moment in her life, “The song is a story of something that happened to me in my life and while I was driving home one night this certain thing happened and it started raining right then and that is how I got the inspiration to write “Cue The Rain”.”

The conversation then turned to Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return and what it was like to be a part of an animated adventure and how “crazy” the world of animation is. “You know, you go and record your voice work and then the movie doesn’t come out until years later because it takes such a long time to basically draw and create all the animation and everything. So, we did it such a long time ago but it is finally coming out now, in May.”

With a cast that also includes Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters, Lea took the opportunity to gush about her co-stars, “Megan is so, so good – her voice is incredible! And, of course, Bernadette Peters… [Sighs.]… as always, is amazing! Just amazing. But, I got to sing with Megan in it and that was so awesome – she is so incredibly talented.”

Of course, no interview with Lea Michele would be complete without a quick mention of her real-life BFF, Jonathan Groff and when posed the question that I’m sure every Gleek in existence wants to know, will we be seeing Jesse St. James returning any time soon? Lea replied that he is a very busy man, what with his movie Frozen having just won an Academy Award as well as starring in his own show, Looking, on HBO, his return to the Glee cast may not be quite on the cards… However, “I think that maybe I will go make an appearance on Looking before he comes back on Glee at this rate.”

Yes. Yes please.

Finally Lea was asked a question that personally I thought I was the only one wondering… Would there come a day where we might see Lea Michele starring as Elphaba in a big screen adaptation of the epic Broadway musical, Wicked? Lea replied “I will gladly – gladly – paint my body green.”

Who do I have to talk to, bribe or petition for this to become a reality?

To read the interview with Lea in its entirety, head over to BroadwayWorld.com




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