John Travolta Introduces The World To Adela Dazeem At Last Night’s Oscars

Photo courtesy of ABC

Last night’s Oscars ceremony is going to be remembered for a number of things. For the world’s greatest selfie that broke Twitter. For a photobombing Benedict Cumberbatch. For the lack of surprise in winners across almost every category. It will also be remembered for a strange slip of the tongue or trouble with the autocue. At least we presume that’s what it was. Whatever the reason, John Travolta’s gaffe quickly went viral resulting in some social media posts at their finest.

Travolta, no stranger to the musical having starred in the hit film adaptations of Grease and Hairspray, was up introducing Frozen’s Idina Menzel who would be performing the Oscar-nominated song from the film, “Let It Go”. However, it appeared that the star was a bit unsure of who was taking to the stage as he welcomed “the wickedly talented, one and only, Adela Dazeem”.

It should come as no surprise to readers to note that immediately social media lit up with posts, first questioning whether everyone did indeed hear what they thought they heard Travolta say and then parody comments about the gaffe. Within minutes #adeladazeem was trending worldwide and a parody Twitter account for the star quickly followed, which currently has 12K followers at the time of writing. Among her limited posts so far is a shout out to Travolta:

Tony Award-winning actress and Broadway star Idina Menzel took to the stage and performed “Let it Go” (in a performance you can see below), which then went on to win the Oscar for best Original Song.



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