It’s Good To Be Bad: Benedict Cumberbatch Voices New Commercial For Jaguar

Photo courtesy of Anita Bugge/WireImages
Photo courtesy of Anita Bugge/WireImages


Yes, it is entirely possible to fan girl over a voice in a 30 second commercial.

Because what a voice it is.

Benedict Cumberbatch has used his dulcet tones to voice a brand new advert for the Jaguar XFR Growler. “Some don’t know that Jaguar is one of the fastest growing luxury automotive brands,” the Sherlock actor says as the car lines up in a face off against an Audi, BMW and Mercedes. “But they certainly do.”

The other cars disappear, leaving the white Jaguar standing alone as Cumberbatch adds in a voice that can only be described as pure sex “Oh it’s good to be bad.”

I mean really. What does the man think he’s doing? The cars are beautiful, sure, but his voice…. His voice! Ooh, it makes me all trembly.



It was also announced last week that Cumberbatch is due to star in a new production of Hamlet in 2015.