It’s Finally Been Revealed! American Horror Story Season Four Will Be Set In A…

Photo courtesy of FX
Photo courtesy of FX


There’s been rumours and speculation for months now surrounding just what exactly the theme of American Horror Story season four would be and where it would take place.  Fans, viewers and critics alike have been mulling over every conceivable scary idea they could come up with and it can now be revealed that AHS creators have chosen the scariest one of all… A Carnival!

In a recent Nerdist podcast, AHS writer Douglas Petrie was asked if he could offer up any information regarding the next instalment of FX’s hit horror series, he simply responded “I can say nothing.” When fellow panellist and writer for Arrow and Castle, Moira Kirkland said “Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard carnival”, Petrie replied with “Yes… that was the, it… it does not have a title.”

When podcast moderator Ben Blacker pressed further, asking “But that’s the setting?” Petrie confirmed “That’s the idea, that’s very roughly the idea.”

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy has previously revealed that the fourth season would be a period piece, set in the 1950’s and that star Jessica Lange was already practicing and rehearsing her German accent, while co-star Sarah Paulson has said that she is working on “A special skill. A very special skill.”

When it comes to combining special skills, German accents, the 1950’s and a carnival, my mind goes to places involving dark creepy sideshow alleys, masked men in straitjackets and evil, demented, happy faced clowns. However, one thing is for certain, no matter what I can conjure up in my own mind, or how terrifying it may be, it will pale in comparison to the wonderfully malevolent minds of Ryan Murphy and co.

American Horror Story is expected to return to screens in Fall, 2014.



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