It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, The Doctor Needs To Meet Mr Darcy

Photo: The Observer/Jenna Coleman Tumblr
Photo: The Observer/Jenna Coleman Tumblr

Fresh from his Olivier Award nominated performance as Menenius in Coriolanus, actor Mark Gatiss is back doing what he does best, teasing Doctor Who fans.

Gatiss, who has written six Doctor Who episodes since 2005, and also starred as Professor Lazarus in the 2007 episode “The Lazarus Experiment,” has taken to Twitter to confirm that he will be writing episodes for Peter Capaldi’s new Time Lord.

I am a huge fan of Gatiss and his writing ever since The League of Gentlemen, and I can’t wait to see what journeys he will take Capaldi’s darker Time Lord on.  However, this is not where the teasing ends.  In a recent Question and Answer session in Brazil, Gatiss spoke of his enjoyment of bringing the “celebrity historical” to make the Doctor and his companion.  This is not a new idea to Gatiss as he has taken the time lord to Victorian England where he met Charles Dickens, and to World War II where Matt Smith’s incarnation met Winston Churchill and his army of Daleks.

However, his latest idea has had my inner fangirl jumping up and down; Gatiss would love to introduce the Doctor to the world of Regency England and Jane Austen!!! Now for anyone who knows me, they will know that Ms Austen and her work is my first love, and the marriage of Austen and Doctor Who would be my dream combination.

As Gatiss also pointed out, there is a history of the Doctor meeting world famous authors, we had Dickens in “The Unquiet Dead,” William Shakespeare in “The Shakespeare Code” and Agatha Christie in “The Wasp and The Unicorn.” He went on to say, “There’s three writers there so I think Jane Austen stands quite a quite a good chance actually… I’m not quite sure what the adventure would be. Maybe an alien posing as Mr Darcy”.

Okay so it is this simple, I NEED this to happen.  We know that both Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have experience of acting in period dramas, in fact Coleman recently played Lydia Wickham in the recent BBC drama “Death Comes to Pemberley,” and the Regency era is such a rich visual era, it would make a beautiful episode.

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