Is This The End For Emma? Jayma Mays on her Glee future

Photo: Adam Rose / FOX

Sad news, Glee fans. Jayma Mays has said that she is unlikely to return to the show. Talking to Chelsea Lately, the actress, who has played Emma Pillsbury since 2009, admitted she thinks she is unlikely to reprise her current role.

“It is probably [the end] for me, for my character, but I’m not sure about the show itself,” she explained. Mays went on to joke with Chelsea Handler about how writers could kill off her character. “They could kill her off… She has obsessive compulsive disorder on the show, so she could sanitise herself to death,” she joked, after being prompted for ideas by the show’s host.

Mays had previously confirmed last October that she would no longer be a full-time cast member, putting it down to a decision made by the writers.

Jayma Mays has appeared alongside America Ferrera in Ugly Betty, opposite Neil Patrick Harris in The Smurfs, and can currently be seen on CBS starring in The Millers with Will Arnett, Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale, but it’s for her role as doe-eyed guidance counsellor Emma Pillsbury that most fans will know her.

The long time object of Will Schuester’s affections (played by Matthew Morrison) Emma always raised a smile with her attempts at guidance counselling and many inappropriate pamphlets with titles including, “When to stop talking,” “My teacher eats chalk,” and “Is that a zit or an STD?” The end of season four had her and Will finally tie the knot in McKinley’s choir room, after she ran out on their lavish wedding the first time around, and this season saw Emma and Will announce their pregnancy, prompting New Directions old and new to record a heart-warming and (for me) tear jerking video for their unborn child.