Is Max Adler Returning to Glee? Spoilers Suggest YES!

Courtesy of OK! Magazine
Courtesy of OK! Magazine


A recent press release shared by FYeahGleeClub for Glee’s 17th episode of the season, “Opening Night,” suggests that a lot of interesting and exciting stuff will be occurring during Rachel’s opening night in Funny Girl. However, what caught our eye was not the obstacles that the extended summary provided, but the cast list. Under “Guest Appearances,” we spotted Amber Riley (yay) , Lauren Potter ( double yay) and  Jacob Ben Isreal (yay – we think). Oh, we also spotted Max Adler.

No. Big. Deal.

Courtesy GleeWiki
Courtesy GleeWiki

Although David Karofsky fans like ourselves have been burned in the past by false guest star lists, we are feeling positive because FYeahGleeClub  does tend to be accurate. Given that, the conclusion we have made, is that we should take this as a good sign. Still, Adler’s present role on Switched At Birth does have us skeptical of expecting him to appear in the episode, but fingers crossed we are not just being teased, and Adler will show up in the already dramatic episode.



From the below summary, we expect Karofsky will show up to support Rachel and we will probably (hopefully) hear a cheery story about how far he has come since the last time he appeared on the show. To make it full circle, maybe we will hear he is dating Sebastian. The possibilities are endless really.

Full Press Release Via FYeahGleeClub  Below:

Episode Description for 5×17 “Opening Night”

With her Broadway debut looming large, Rachel – feeling the mounting pressure of opening night – wakes from her “actor’s nightmare.” Despite almost unanimous critical praise following the show’s previews, she finds herself falling victim to the seemingly endless stream of random bloggers and anonymous internet trolls determined to tear her down. While Kurt does his best to insulate her from the haters – turning the loft into a “hermetically sealed love bubble filled with nothing but positive affirmations” – he finds it a near impossible task, and the rest of the gang must pitch in to try and rouse Rachel from her uncharacteristic bout of insecurity in time for the curtain to rise. Meanwhile, Sue tags along with Will and the pair travel to New York for Rachel’s big night. While Will hopes to support his former student as she tries to fulfill her lifelong dream, Sue attends the show operating under the assumption it will flop and Rachel will choke. However, both Will and Sue get more than they bargained for when their evenings take unexpected turns. The gang must rally an uncharacteristically insecure Rachel in time to make her Broadway debut in Funny Girl… but not everyone in the audience is wishing Rachel the best.SPECIAL GUESTS:

  • AMBER RILEY Mercedes Jones
  • LAUREN POTTER Becky Jackson
  • BILL A. JONES Rod Remington
  • EARLENE DAVIS Andrea Carmichael
  • MAX ADLER Dave Karofsky
  • JOSH SUSSMAN Jacob Ben Israel


  • Directed by: ERIC STOLTZ
Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues