How I Met Your Mother: Most Disappointing Finale Ever?

Photo Courtesy of CBS
Photo Courtesy of CBS


I just finished watching the How I Met Your Mother finale, and to be quite honest it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it should have been. Before the episode started I went into it hoping for the uplifting happy finale, but as the episode started it was clear it wasn’t going in that direction. Every scene it seemed that just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore depressing it topped itself and got more depressing. There were so many disappointing things in this episode that I’m gonna need to list them out:

1.) Robin and Barney DIVORCED

Yes, you read it right they got divorced. Now anyone could have expected this to happen considering how the characters were throughout the series, but it was disappointing because they literally wasted an entire season on this huge wedding and how in love Barney and Robin were just to have them get divorced literally 15 minutes into the final episode. I feel like if they were going to have that happen they shouldn’t have wasted an entire season on the wedding just to divorce quicker than the wedding actually was.

2.) Ted skips on Chicago

Again the whole emotion filled season with the wedding and Ted moving away was wiped away in 5 seconds… However, it was for a good reason since it’s the reason he met the mother.

3.) Ted and the Mother’s long engagement

Now when they got married I was terribly excited, and then when she said they’d have to delay the wedding because she was pregnant it was such a sweet moment. While I have no problem with a long engagement, I just didn’t understand why they had such a long engagement. They never really explained it, and while the wedding was worth the wait it just really didn’t make sense as to why they waited so long for the wedding.

4.) Robin distancing herself from the group

I understand why she was distancing herself because she felt like an outsider in the group since they were all in relationships and Barney was still being his manwhore self after the divorce. However, I just wanted more Robin since she’s been such a big part of the show. I hate that she practically stopped talking to all of them for so long.

5.) Barney back to being a Manwhore

It was kinda funny seeing him trying to hookup with all these girls when he was in his 30’s, but it just seemed like a step back for Barney to just go back to making a playbook and trying to hookup with girls again like he’s young all over again. It was just creepy to me and I wasn’t a fan of it.

6.) Barney knocks up a random girl

Okay okay so the moment with Barney meeting his daughter Ellie was terribly adorable, and quite honestly one of my favorite moments of the finale, but who in the world was the mother and why didn’t we get to meet her? We didn’t even get to learn the girls name even though she’s going to be in Barney’s life forever now that they have a child together. It’s like #WhoInTheWorldIsBarneysBabyMama.


After being told countless times by producers and writers that they wouldn’t kill off the mother it was a slap in the face to anyone that watched the show to just find out she died. Sure it had been hinted at a few episodes back, but I’m pretty sure most, if not all were hoping it wouldn’t happen. I’m almost certain that when they said the mother died my exact words might have been “Seriously? I waited all this time for that”. We also don’t even know what she died from just that she was sick and she passed away. It was almost like an afterthought for the final dagger of a disappointing episode to happen…

8.) Ted goes to get back together with Robin

I honestly have no problem with Ted and Robin being a couple, had it been done the right way I’d be all for it, but with this episode it didn’t work. I honestly feel like the mother’s death was overshadowed to have a couple get back together that we were practically told for nine years wouldn’t end up together. It was just too much to happen in five minutes, and the kids were way too excited for their father to get together with an old flame. It was almost like the kids didn’t even care that the mother died and they were all for Robin being their mom and that bothered me. Had this been drawn out and not just put together in five minutes I might feel differently, but I can’t help but be bothered that it seemed like the mother’s death was an afterthought and all they cared about was getting Robin and Ted together again before the episode ended.

I honestly wanted so much more from this finale, and I feel like all I got was just a bunch of random moments thrown together. It honestly didn’t feel like they even thought about the finale and just wrote some plot ideas, threw them in a fishbowl, picked a few out and put those in the episode. Nothing really flowed in the episode, and it was sad that such a great series had to end like that.

That’s my thoughts on the finale… what did you think? Did you feel the same way? Did it satisfy you? Let me know in the comments below!!

Heather O'Connell


  1. It would have been better if they took us though her death and the mourning process so we would feel the kids actually liked their mother

  2. Totally agree with EVERYTHING you wrote! I felt like I was watching a sitcoms of the 80’s when the plot was all over the place and time or story lines didn’t really fit together… Too bad to end this way… “How I Met Your Mother” or “How we were told a super long story with never ending facts for 9 years to get the ending thrown at us in a minute and a half”.

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