Gotham: First look At The Penguin, And Young Gordon

Photos Courtesy of Rex Features Curtis Means and  Rex Features Zelig Shaul
Photos Courtesy of Rex Features Curtis Means and Rex Features Zelig Shaul

On-set images for Fox’s comic book TV series Gotham have hit the net.  The new series finds Commissioner Gorgon, played by The OC’s Ben McKenzie, in his days before teaming up with the Dark Knight. The images of McKenzie in action come from the filming of the pilot episode’s New York set.

Accompanying the image of McKenzie is one of Robin Lord Taylor, as classic Batman villain The Penguin. Not much is known about The Penguin’s role in the show, aside from being a terror to Gotham city, Gordon, and his partner Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue. David Mazouz of Touch, is joining the cast as young Bruce Wayne and Dean Pertwee as trusted servant Alfred Pennyworth.

Mckenzie seems at home in the role of Gordon, as he’s already portrayed a law enforcement officer in TNT’s critical darling Southland. However, Robin Lord Taylor’s depiction of The Penguin has a bit of a hipster look going on. It’s almost a cross between Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass and a teenage Pee-Wee Herman. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the look and I enjoy The Penguin. As a comic book character, The Penguin does wonders when expressing the imagination of a deformed, sinister thug. As for the show, I hope they take a page from Nolan’s book and try to keep things on the more grounded, realistic side of the fence and not a goofy Batman Returns Penguin.

That being said, the on-set images, what we know about the cast, and the premise of the series, Gotham still looks to be a hit and an interesting approach into the already successful Dark Knight territory.

What do you think about the images and the series? What are your thoughts on The Penguin and has he ever been a serious character? Let us know in the comments.