Glee 100: Zoe’s Story-Why I Became A Gleek

Photo Courtesy of FOX
Photo Courtesy of FOX

Trust me it wasn’t intentional. It was, in fact, a worryingly organic process. One minute I was watching the pilot thinking “hmm this is kind of fun” and the next I found myself on a Sunday anxiously waiting for this week’s songs to be released. When I really think about it, however, there are a number of reasons why I became a Gleek. Here are a few that sprang to mind.

It feels natural to start at the very beginning – the first time I watched Glee. Believe it or not it was my dad who suggested we sit down and watch it! He had heard good things, as had I, and wanted to give it a try. I was surprised but agreed to sit down with him one Saturday afternoon and watch the pilot. Although in the end it was mainly my mom who enjoyed season 1, my dad got very into seasons 2 and 3, and still to this day, despite me no longer living with them, my parents watch Glee. So, I suppose one of the reasons I became a Gleek was that it was one of the few things on television that brought my family together on a weekly basis. And I guess you could say its kind of in my genes.

Moving on to the actual show itself, there were a lot of features that drew me in. Firstly, from the very first episode, the characters have been appealing to all audiences. Everyone has their favourites, whether its because they’re funny, attractive, talented, geeky, you identify with them, you wish you were them, you’re in love with them, or you hate to love them (I’m looking at you Sue Sylvester!), there’s something for everyone. All of them, even the ‘bad guys’, are so likeable (either because they’re mean, or because secretly they’re not), and it adds really interesting dimensions to the show. In addition to this, the New Directions have always been the underdogs. I love an underdog, and right from ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at the start you want to watch them succeed – and you’re already becoming a Gleek.

Furthermore, the idea of a show involving music, dance and performance was a new and really fun one. Personally I have no talent in any of those areas, but I’ve always been obsessed with my iPod and enjoyed concerts and musicals, so in that way it made sense for me to become a Gleek. Glee introduced me to whole new artists and genres that I had never listened to before, and it kept me coming back to see what they would sing next. I especially looked forward to seeing everything come together in some incredible costumes at competition performances, and found myself feeling oddly proud of my Glee club.

Everything didn’t always come together, however, and that’s another reason I became a Gleek – I adore the drama! Following the trials and tribulations of this pretty incestuous Glee club quickly became a full time job (and slight obsession) – and I loved every minute of it! This stems from my appreciation of fiction as a whole, which leads me on to my next reason. I have a real tendency to get over invested in fictional stories. Whether it be a book, a TV show, a film… it’s becoming a real problem. So really it made perfect sense for me to become a Gleek. I was a goner right from the start.

A further reason why I did become overly invested with Glee, however, is because I did my senior year and graduated pretty much at the same time as the first set of characters. This comes back to being able to identify with and relate to what’s happening on screen, and feeling like you’re a part of something. Rachel Berry once said that “being a part of something special makes you special”, and really the whole show is about being a part of something. I, for one, am proud to be a part of something that has now made it to 100 episodes!

In short, I have a lot to thank Glee for. I have met some wonderful people through the show, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and I definitely wouldn’t be here working with 4YE if I never became a Gleek! So as torturous as it may sometimes be, and no matter how I got here, I have no regrets, and I’m glad I became a Gleek.