Glee 100: Why I Love Blaine Anderson

Dapper, distinguished, devilishly handsome and prone to bursting into song with little or no regard to others, Blaine Anderson is without doubt a firm fan favourite, and King of my fan girling heart.

Darren Criss helps, let’s be honest here. Obviously he brings the looks…excuse me while I swoon… And he does this thing, when he says Kurt’s name. It’s like…”Kurt.” I know, that’s a lame explanation, but it really is perfect. But not only that, Darren Criss portrays Blaine with such depth of emotion, particularly when opposite Chris Colfer’s Kurt, that we cannot help but be drawn to him when on screen, to root for him, to cheer him on, to want him to win. Darren and Chris can convey more in a single glance between their characters than can be delivered from ten pages of dialogue. Their faces are so expressive, so open and sincere that just one look can leave an audience breathless and feeling almost as if we have intruded on a very personal and private moment between the pair.

Blaine Anderson made his debut on Glee in Season 2, when Puck (God bless him) sent Kurt to spy on the Warblers. He introduced himself calmly and confidently, took Kurt by the hand and ran down the hallway, then stunned us all with the most amazing rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. We were all Kurt in that moment, staring in awe at this amazing young man, and quite unable to keep our jaws from hitting the floor.

It is impossible to write about Blaine without writing about Kurt as well. Their stories are, of course, tightly woven together and bound by their love for each other. Blaine was smitten before he even knew it, but we all did. Kurt was keen, Blaine was oblivious, a bird died, finally those blinkers lifted and during Kurt’s heartfelt rendition of “Blackbird,” Blaine saw Kurt as if for the very first time. I love season 2 Blaine, the way he was so confident, yet kind and patient to Kurt. Ryan Murphy intended for him to be a mentor, and he definitely fulfilled the brief. He showed Kurt it was okay to be gay, you could find acceptance, you could be yourself and you could make a fool of yourself and live to tell the tale. That performance in the Gap had us all cringing.

By season three, Klaine were going strong and Blaine transferred to McKinley. We were shown a much more happy, carefree side to Blaine as he integrated seamlessly into Glee club and danced and sang flawlessly alongside all our favourites. He became renowned for upbeat, catchy renditions of “Perfect”, “Last Friday Night” and “You Can’t Stop The Beat” among others, and also for his fabulously fun and flirty duets with Kurt. But Blaine also showed openness and sincerity, tackling his emotions head on with “Somewhere Only We Know” in Season 2, and then proving his vocal range opposite Rachel’s Maria during a beautiful version of “Tonight”. The night of the school musical was also the night of Kurt and Blaine’s first time together, touchingly and sensitively handled it was a groundbreaking and beautiful moment of television.

Of course, season 3 also brought heartache for Blaine in the form of Kurt’s flirty texts with Chandler, and we saw his vulnerability when he admitted he was scared about Kurt graduating and moving to New York. It seemed to be okay…until the absolute unthinkable happened and “The Breakup” aired at the start of season 4. It felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest when Blaine uttered the dreaded “I was with someone.” I felt like I had been cheated on, and to say I sobbed would be an understatement as Kurt watched everything he held dear slowly slipping away. It was terrible and painful, but for me it also highlighted Blaine’s insecurity, his need to be noticed and loved. Not in an arrogant “look at me,” type of way, but a sad, vulnerable yearning to be loved. It made him human…though I still don’t believe that the canon Blaine we had been watching for two seasons would ever have compromised Kurt’s love and affection like that. Still, I shall move on.

We had heartbreaking and painful interactions between Kurt and Blaine, and when Kurt told Blaine he no longer trusted him, you could see the air knocked from his lungs as he fully realised the consequences of his actions. But Blaine dug deep, and resolved to win Kurt back no matter what. It was a refreshing change to see Blaine slowly piece himself back together again, to build solid and secure friendships with Sam, Tina and Artie in Kurt’s absence, and to concentrate on getting himself together before trying to win over Kurt. Toward the end of the season, when “I Do” aired, and all Klainers rejoiced at the sight of their OTP getting hot and heavy in a church parking lot, Blaine was returning back to his former confident, happy self, but it was an older, wiser Blaine. A Blaine who had fully learned from the mistakes he had made, and who now knew exactly what he wanted to do…and he wanted to propose to Kurt.

Blaine Anderson will always have my heart, alongside Kurt, because he is loveable, effusive, dresses like a grandpa but always looks awesome, and he has the best puppy dog eyes for a million miles. But he’s also human. Flawed. Despite his propensity to burst into song at the most random of moments- New York bus, anyone? Blaine tries to cover his insecurities just as we all do. He struggles. His life is not always easy, despite his seemingly good grades and adoration from teachers and peers. He fights hard for what he believes in, and defends those he loves.

But for me, the thing I love most about this character, is the way he loves Kurt. It is total, it is all encompassing, it is complete. When he got on one knee at the bottom of the Dalton staircase and asked Kurt to be his husband, it was against all the odds. Everyone’s advice was don’t do it, you’re too young. Even Kurt himself was unsure until Blaine delivered the most beautifully heartfelt speech that made all of us, even the most hardened cynics, wipe away a tear. He laid it all on the line, told us exactly why and how he loves Kurt and showed why he is the man for him. Blaine proposed not as a way to try and cement their relationship, or because he wanted to be another gay marriage statistic but because he knows, above all else, that his future lies with Kurt. There will never be another man for either of them, of that they are both certain. Kurt knows, and tells us, that Blaine makes him feel connected and safe. He doesn’t have to ask Blaine to take care of him because he knows he always will. Kurt doesn’t need to make the effort to love and care for him in return either, because it’s natural and right. Their love transcends all the barriers, all the stereotypes, all the boundaries. Simply put, they are best friends and soulmates who are now looking forward to a very happy future together, a happiness they both richly deserve.


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