Glee 100: The Best Of Noah Puckerman

Photo Courtesy of FOX
Photo Courtesy of FOX

Hello Gleeks and welcome back to our 100th episode celebrations! Today we’re discussing the very best of McKinley’s resident badass – Noah Puckerman.

Fight For Your Right To Party. Puck is first introduced to us as Finn’s sidekick – he’s on the football team but he’s far from the respected Quarterback. He’s instead feared, consistently instigating bullying and throwing slushies in the halls of McKinley. He is also involved in the secret addition of pot to cupcakes for a bake sale, as well as various incidents with alcohol, and is sent to juvie at one point for crashing his mom’s car into an ATM. We got a badass over here! 

Hot For Teacher. The Puckasaurus also has a bit of a reputation as a ‘ladies man’, and is initially seen to be in plenty of, shall we say casual, relationships with members of the Cheerios, specifically Santana, as well as his clients from his pool-cleaning business.

School’s Out. Another one of the recurring themes throughout the show has been Puck’s grades, specifically the fact that he doesn’t attend Math or really try at school. One of Puck’s best moments, however, is passing his Geography test with a huge grin on his face at the end of season three and being allowed to graduate. This is just one aspect of Puck’s huge character development as the show progressed, and proof that he is not as he appears at first glance.

Big Ass Heart. Puck’s main character progression, however, comes in his relationships with others. He transforms from bully to friend, defending his once-victims in the Glee club, frequently standing up for fellow Jew, Rachel, but most prominently protecting Kurt against the bullying of Dave Karofsky. He also forms friendships with those he previously considered losers, such as Artie. As well as this, his casual relationships begin to fizzle out and his interests become more long-term and loving. He dates Lauren Zizes for an extended period of time across season two, and definitely seems to have genuine romantic feelings for Quinn. 

I’m The Only One. Some of Puck’s most touching moments come as we learn more and more about his upbringing, specifically his relationship (or lack of) with his dad. As we learn about Puck’s background his insecurities about being a failure and a ‘Lima loser’ become more apparent and understandable. In addition to this, Puck’s immediate acceptance of his paternal half-brother Jake, shows his desire for a ‘real’, stable family. The beginning of season four details Puck’s efforts to give Jake the male role model he had been deprived of, and sees the two develop a strong relationship.

Waiting For A Girl Like You. The best side of Puck, however, has always been shown in his interactions with his daughter, Beth. He’s determined to be the total opposite of his own dad, and, again, this obviously goes back to the problems in his family growing up. He treats his daughter with such love and admiration right from his performance of ‘Beth’, and it really is a beautiful thing to watch. Directly linked to this is Puck’s relationship with Beth’s mom, and on/off girlfriend Quinn, who he has a true connection with. This is shown in many instances, but most memorably in his desire to help her in her punk phase of season three.

Only The Good Die Young. Puck is devastated by his best friend Finn’s death in season five, and his reaction to me seems to epitomise his journey as a character. Initially he channels his grief into negative activities, including heavy drinking and theft. Once he begins to listen to Finn’s voice in his head, however, he faces up to his feelings and develops as a person, joining the air force in his best friend’s honour. This is a perfect example of how his relationships with the New Directions changed Puck and brought out who he really is.

No Surrender. Throughout his appearances across 100 episodes of Glee, Puck’s character has become the unsung backbone of the show. He has offered his friends, and the audience, everything he could, from comedy and light relief, to tender and sometimes heartbreaking moments, with a sprinkling of kickass songs and performances along the way. His strength has shone through in his support of his fellow Glee club members, and I can’t wait to see what the 100th episode brings for him!

So that’s why I love Noah Puckerman – what about you? Do you agree with me, or have your own favourite Puck moments that I haven’t mentioned? Hit up the comments and let me know!