Glee 100: Quick: A Trip Down Memory Lane & Why It’s My Favorite Glee Ship

Photo Courtesy of Fox
Photo Courtesy of Fox

Quinn Fabray and Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman have been one of my favorite couples since they became a couple in season one. To me, they’ve had one of the most complicated relationships of Glee because of all the highs and lows that the two characters themselves have had to go through both together and apart. We’re going to take a trip down memory lane and I’m going to tell you some of my favorite Quick Moments that made me fall in love with this pairing.

Season 1:

The Food Fight (Episode 9, “Wheels”)

This might actually be the scene that made me fall in love with Quick.  The chemistry between the two is undeniable and possible one of their best scenes of the series. Quite honestly, the food fight is one of the top romantic moments in Glee all-time for me. It was so simple, yet so cute, and I loved it.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr
Photo courtesy of Tumblr


Babysitting & Singing  (Episode 11: “Hairography”):

While the babysitting started out as a total disaster this showed that the two could work together and actually be good parents together. Not only was the coming together cute, but their first and musical number of just the two of them happened, and it was completely adorable.

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Gives You Hell (Episode 14, “Hell-O”)

The chemistry between these two in this one music number was adorable. From the hand-holding, rubbing of the mohawk, and flirting, it was just a cute scene that I loved them in, even if they weren’t singing.

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Beth (Episode 20, “Theatricality”)

Puck sang the song “Beth” to Quinn, as not only a plea to let Quinn be there when the baby is born so he can meet his baby at least once, but also as the suggestion of what they would name the baby, even if they were giving it up for adoption. The song wasn’t a romantic song, but a song of loving his unborn daughter that he’s hoping Quinn will agree to name Beth. Quinn was clearly moved by the song as they shared a sweet moment at the end, and she wasn’t the only person moved by the sweet gesture.

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“Yes, Especially Now” (Episode 22, “Journey”)

If you’re a Quick shipper like myself, than this is probably one of your favorite Quick moments. Beth had just been born, and the two parents were looking on at the baby they were about to give up for adoption. It was clear it wasn’t easy for either of them to think about giving up Beth, but it was the right thing to do. My favorite moment needs no introduction it was as simple as this:
Quinn asks Puck “Did you love me?” and Puck replies, “Yes. Especially now.”

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Season 2:

Toxic dance partners (Episode 2, “Britney/Brittany”):

This was a great moment for me, mostly because of the chemistry in the scene, despite neither of them saying a word to each other. Just watching them dance together it’s clear the two have feelings for each other, or at least enjoy dancing with each other.

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Drunk Messes (Episode 14, “Blame it on the Alcohol”):

I liked this moment, because it was one of the few Quick interactions we got in season 2, and while it wasn’t the most romantic or even sweet, it was just nice to see them interacting. Plus it gave me one of my favorite Quinn lines of the season “I can’t believe what you did to my body, I used to have abs!”

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Season 3:

Bathroom Confrontation (Episode 2, “I Am Unicorn”):

Again, not the most romantic scene, but it shows that Puck really does care about Quinn. He’s trying to get her to see that the way she’s acting isn’t okay, and that if she wants to see Beth she can’t act like that. He’s seen Beth, and he knows how much it would mean to Quinn to see her too, so he’s trying to make he see that how she’s dressing and acting isn’t going to make Shelby trust her enough to see Beth.

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You’re Special Quinn (Episode 7, “I Kissed A Girl”):

This was the scene I felt like I was waiting for since we saw Skank Quinn at the beginning of the season. Week after week people were tearing her down not realizing she might need help herself. Honestly, I was just hoping ANYONE would help her, but to me it was just a bonus that Puck was the first one to say something to realize she wasn’t okay. This lead to him saying the best thing anyone has every said to Quinn “You don’t need a baby, or a guy or anyone to make you special”.

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The Quick Embrace After Sectionals (Episode 8, “Hold On to Sixteen”):

Another simple moment, but one than shows that actions speak louder than words. That little embrace to me showed more about their relationship than any words. You don’t hug someone that you hate the way they hugged. The two clearly care about each other and whether they’re friends or lovers, they care about each other and to me that’s what matters.

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Never Can Say Goodbye (Episode 11, “Michael”)

The fact that he was even featured in a song where she’s talking about people she can’t say goodbye to again shows that she cares about Puck. Sure it was just a fantasy sequence, but it still means something especially with Glee. The song also came at a time when Quinn found out she had gotten into Yale and she was thinking about her past relationship that meant something to her and Puck was one of those relationship for obvious reasons.

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I Love You ‘Magic’ Kiss (Episode 22, “Goodbye”):

This quite honestly might be my favorite Quick scene of all time. Yes ALL-TIME. Puck had gotten Quinn out of a funk earlier in the year, and now it was Quinn’s turn to return the favor. Puck was on the verge of not graduating, but who would have thought that all it would take was a little confidence boost from Ms.Fabray to get him back in the game. Not only did Quinn help him because she cared about him, but she did it because she loved him, and I’m pretty sure every Quick fan probably freaked out when she said this, then gave him a kiss that changed his world forever… and even helped him graduate high school!

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Season 4:

The Puckerman Look (Episode 8, “Thanksgiving”):

Maybe it’s just me, but am I the only one that thinks its totally adorable that Quinn has an angry look specifically for Puckermans.. at least according to Puck she does. He not only says she does, but describes it down to a T  : “furrowed brow, lips pursed, hand on hip”.. He likes to call it Loopy Quinn, an irrational state she apparently reserves for Puckermans.

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Season 5:

Keep Holding On (Episode 12, 100):

Oh my goodness. This episode just aired and i’m still not over this scene/number. The nostalgia of the first time this song was performed being when the Glee club was showing their support for Quinn’s pregnancy, and now Puck singing it to her to show that that love her for who she is unlike her crappy boyfriend who loved the lies she was telling him. I’ll be honest i started tearing up during this number, the old choreography and then Quinn crying.. such an emotional scene. Quinn loved the song, and so did I.

Stay (Episode 12, 100)

I seriously think that the one of the goals of Glee 100 was to give Quick shippers a heart attack. Hearing the lines “I know who my soulmate is,” and “I love you. Just tell me to say ’cause the truth is, there was only one guy you were ever really honest with. Just tell me to stay. Please” from Puck to Quinn literally made my Quick heart do about a million flip-flops. Honestly I probably would have thrown something at the screen if she let him walk away after that heartfelt confession from Puck. Of course the flip-flops came right back as Quinn ran after him and kissed him telling him to stay.. As a Quick fan this episode couldn’t have made me any happier.

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So what’s in store for the back together couple? well according the promo for Episode 101, a total Quick lovefest, including a highly anticipated Quick Duet of “Just Give Me A Reason”. Here’s a little sneak peak of the couple in action for the promo of the new episode!

Photo Courtesy of Lucia (@Agroness on twitter)
Photo Courtesy of Lucia (@Agroness on twitter)

So now that you’ve seen my favorite Quick moments, I want to tell you why Quick is my favorite ship. Quick is my favorite ship for so many reasons. I’ll be the first to admit they aren’t perfect, but honestly what couple is. They’ve had their ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good for each other. To me they have all the ingredients they need to become a great couple, now would I be sad if they didn’t end up together? sure, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I will ship them together because to me I love seeing them together. I know they aren’t everyone’s favorite couple but to me their chemistry is undeniable, and I love how well they know each other and care for each other after all that happened between the two. Honestly as long as they are friends I’ll be happy. With everything they’ve been through together, it’s hard to get forget someone that’s influenced your life as much as these two have for each other.

With saying that, we all know that Quick will be having their FIRST duet in 5 seasons in the second part of Glee’s 100th episode extravaganza, and I couldn’t be more excited! Quick Shippers I hope you enjoyed this article about our favorite ship, and I hope you’ll be watching “New Directions” on Tuesday, March 25 at 8/7pm central!!


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