GLEE 100: Kirsty’s Story-Why I Became A Gleek

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

I remember the first time the strange little show Glee crossed my radar. It was May 2009 and I was in Blockbusters (yes they still existed), looking for a boxset to amuse me whilst I was off sick. I was very unsure about it as I had been too old to get into the whole High School Musical thing, but hey thought I would give it a shot.

I watched the first episode with an air of uncertainty however one episode became two and the next thing I had watched the entire season in two days and I could add Glee to my list of fandoms. What struck me in the first season was how brave the writers were with the topics they covered, especially Kurt and his tearful coming out to his dad. Yes the music was awesome, but for me the characters won the day.

Season Two began and I worried that I would lose interest, however thanks to a now iconic meeting on a staircase, my interest was held. With the introduction of Darren Criss as the dapper Blaine Anderson, I can honestly say that is when I became a Gleek!! Now I did know who Darren was because I am also a huge Potterhead so had seen A Very Potter Musical, however I loved about him joining the show was what his character represented for my favourite boy Kurt meant that I was hooked.

There have been tears of joy and of gut-wrenching agony. I have organised weekends away to ensure I wasn’t watching certain episodes alone. I have spent so many hours shouting at my TV because of some interesting choices on behalf of the writers, however on the whole I can say I have enjoyed all 99 episodes to varying degrees.

One of the true pleasures of the show is the wide range of songs they have chosen to do, and the Glee effect has worked for so many, many bands and singers.

Before Glee, “Don’t Stop Believin'” was a song you only heard in the 80’s bar after way too many fishbowl cocktails, but now when I hear any version of the song, all I see is my favourite group of misfits in their red t-shirts and blue jeans.

I will freely admit that without Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, I don’t know if I would be as hooked on the show as I am, however I find myself supporting the entire cast without question. I think my crowning moment was spending 18 hours on a shopping mall floor for a Chris Colfer book signing.

One very unexpected side of the fandom I discovered was the friends I have made. Without Glee I would not be writing this as I would never have met most of the people here at 4YE, and they are some of my closest friends so for that I will always be grateful.

We all cried together this summer when we lost our Quarterback, and without the fandom Cory’s sad loss would have much harder to handle.

Will I always agree with everything Ryan Murphy does with the characters? Of course not, but then that is part of the joy. The hours spent with fellow Gleeks talking about what we would do. Then there’s the fanfic, however I am just going to leave that one there and walk away. The happy times are all the better for the sad times.

So yes I am a Gleek and damn proud of it. and I have watched the last 99 and I will watch it until we say goodbye to the cast at the end of May 2015, however it will be forever the show that brought me so much more than a much larger music collection.

As has been said “Being part of something special, makes you special” and that is what being a Gleek is; something special and I love it.

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