Glee 100: Kerri’s Story-Why I Became A Gleek

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX

Let’s just start off by saying I would have never thought of myself to become a dedicated Gleek that would anxiously wait for a new episode to air every week. But now it’s all I seem to do.

I’ll be honest; when I heard first heard about Glee, back in 2009, I thought it sounded pretty dumb. Really, a musical drama about high school? I laughed at the idea, because although I hadn’t watched High School Musical either, and as much as my friends kept pressing me to watch it (I still never will), I thought the concept and previews seemed ridiculous and silly. Glee didn’t seem any more interesting.

So it all started when I selected Choir as one of my electives in my final year of high school, and I really liked it. I’ve always thought my voice was alright – not good, but not bad, when it came to singing. After about a week or so, my teacher decided to show the class season one of Glee on TV. It was appropriate for our class, and I guess it was becoming a very popular show fast. We would reserve 20 to 30 minutes at the end of each class to watch it. And wow, after the first episode, I easily saw how it was a popular show. I fell in love with the show quickly, and the minute I got home, I was scrambling to find a place to watch the entire first season of Glee, and quickly caught up to the second season that was airing on TV.

The show was more than just a bunch of kids singing. It somehow brilliantly intertwined music, drama, and comedy, while also relating to real-life peer pressures that students (whether you’re in middle school, high school, post secondary) generally encounter and go through. The covers and performances were fantastic, and let’s be real; the students were essentially just like all of us, just people with big dreams. It was easy to relate with the New Directions, and understand where each of them come from.

It doesn’t help that I was absolutely worshipping Finn and Rachel; they were the absolute perfect couple…not to mention I had once rooted for Quinn and Puck to stay together.

And the music, how could I ever forget the music. I got to discover so many songs and bands, whether they’ve existed for decades or just for a couple years, I loved them all. This being said, however, I’ve also seen a fair share of negative comments where “Glee should not have touched this song”, which is pretty silly because who is to say who can or cannot sing a song? And hello, bands are getting a lot more exposure, isn’t that a good thing?

I have to admit though, as great as the creative writing and directing is, some of the things that happen in Glee have do pose a sensitive subject to some; such as dealing with pregnancy, school shooting, and cross-dressing. Seeing how so many people are possibly tuning in to watch Glee every week, I could see how a show like this could influence teenagers. Luckily, there is a lot of positivity throughout the show, whether it’s through music or inspiration, I can see why many people of all ages praise the show.

Glee has become a huge part of my life, and honestly, I’m not even too sure why. No, it doesn’t inspire me to become a singer. I’ve watched plenty of shows, and it’s like wow that show was awesome, but soon after there will be something else on my mind. But something about Glee really can inspire a person to want to do better in life and achieve more. It’s also about creating opportunities for yourself and having a drive to reach your dreams. As cliché as it might sound, it’s true. Glee is a really special show to me, and it has truly made me more open to ideas about the different types of people there are, as well.

I really can’t bear to say goodbye to the show when the sixth season does roll around, but I will always remember Glee as being a part of my life. I’ve met some really amazing people, especially those at 4YE that I was able to bond with over Glee. I am definitely proud to be a Gleek, and I will be for a long long time.