Glee 100: Heather’s Story-Why I Became A Gleek

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I started watching Glee during the first season. I honestly didn’t watch the first few episodes, but the episode that got me hooked on the show was the fourth episode, “Preggers”. I’ve always been a musical geek, but when I first saw the show being advertised I thought it was just going to be this corny show that would be get canceled after a few episodes, but after watching one episode I realized how wrong I was. Everything from the acting to the music/dancing caught my attention. The characters were intriguing and people that you wanted to root for. I wanted to know more about the popular cheerleader who had just found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend’s best friend, Quinn Fabray, and I wanted to know more about Kurt the dancing/kicking superstar. My favorite part of the episode had to be the football team doing the “Single Ladies” dance that ended up winning them the game. I watched that one episode, and I was hooked.

That’s how I became just a regular old fan, and while it’s part of the reason I chose to become a Gleek, but its not the only reason. I chose to become a Gleek for quite a few reasons:

Reason #1: The Characters/Actors

One thing that will always bring me into a fandom is characters that I enjoy. If I don’t like any of the characters of the show, than I can’t bring myself to be interested in it. With Glee this wasn’t an issue. I found myself, if anything, trying to find a character that I didn’t like, because they all brought something different but likable to the table. I also loved how the actors and actresses loved the show as much as the fans did and made sure to make the show the best it could be for the fans. It’s no secret that my favorite character/actress on the show is Quinn Fabray aka Dianna Agron, but honestly I love all the characters. I love Rachel’s drive and determination along with her amazing voice. I love Brittany and how she started out as just a background cheerio and became a star of the show. I love Puck and how he’s such a badass, but at the same time he can pull of a killer performance. I loved Finn and how no matter what he was always positive and supportive to the people he cared about and never stopped improving. I love Kurt because he’s fierce, fashionable, and the only guy in the Glee club who can pull off a high C. I could keep going but I think you get the point.

Reason #2: The Music:

Honestly this might be the majority of the reason why Glee has kept me going. Throughout the seasons as the silly storylines came in and out, there was always the killer performances from the exact covers to the stripped down songs that were almost better than the originals in some cases. While the characters are important, to me the music is the heart of the show. Most of the time I wouldn’t suggest any TV show characters singing to put a point across, but with Glee it works. One example I can think of this coming into play would be with the most recent episode, “City of Angels” and the tribute to Finn at Nationals. While they had a full tribute episode to Finn earlier in the season I feel like the Finn tribute performance in this episode was almost more emotional than the actual tribute episode. Music makes people feel things that they don’t even realize they’re feeling, like not realizing a song is making you emotional until you feel the tears rolling down your cheeks. Music is important, and to me Glee wouldn’t be beloved show it is without it.

Reason #3: The Fandom:

I’ve honestly met some of the most amazing people in the Glee fandom, and they are a lot of the reason of why I’m still here. Most if not all the Glee people I’ve met are some of the kind and amazing people that I’ve ever met, some of them even being the amazing people that work here in 4YE! The Glee Fandom is almost like a second family to me, as if something happens in show that’s upsetting or makes you happy you can almost always find someone who feels the same way and who will either cry with you until you both feel better, or squeal and fangirl to your heart’s content. I can’t tell you how many times something has happened, and the first thing I’ve wanted to do is go online and see if the rest of the fandom is freaking out as much as I am.

I love this fandom, and despite some of the ups and downs I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve met some amazing people because of a little TV show, and quite honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. I love this fandom, and I’m proud to be a Gleek!

Heather O'Connell