Glee 100 Celebration: The Best Of Quinn Fabray

Photo Courtesy of Mike Ownby
Photo Courtesy of Mike Ownby

Quinn Fabray has to be one of my favorite characters on Glee, if not my favorite character. She’s grown so much throughout the series so I wanted to talk about my favorite songs featuring Quinn, and my favorite Quinn moments in Glee history!

Best songs featuring Ms. Quinn Fabray:

Best Solo Song:  Never Can Say Goodbye (3×11 “Michael”)
This to me was her best solo, because it was the first solo to really showcase her voice and make her stand out in a great way. It also was the song that led to us finding out that Ms. Fabray was Yale-bound.


Best Duet: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty with Rachel Berry (2×18 “Born This Way”)

I LOVE this duet. It’s honestly one of the greatest duets Glee has ever done. Quinn and Rachel’s voices blend together so well and it makes for an amazing cover. What I found ironic was that two people that have one of the rockiest relationships on the show ended up making, arguably, one of the best duets in Glee history. While I’m not a huge Faberry relationship fan, I’m a total Faberry friendship duet fan!


Best Group Numbers Featuring a Quinn Solo:

*I’m not going to be choosing one for Season 1, because I didn’t feel that she really stood out in any of the group numbers that she had a solo in Season 1.

  • Best Group Number for Season 2: Time Warp featuring Quinn, Kurt, Finn, Artie, Santana,Brittany, Tina and Mercedes (2×5 “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”)
    This was one of the first group numbers that I felt like Quinn stood out in a group number, mostly because I think that the actress who plays Quinn, Dianna Agron, was having a moment of herself pulling through. The quirky movements and facial expressions were totally all Agron and I loved every second of it.


Best Group Number for Season 3: Cherish/Cherish featuring Quinn, Sam, Mercedes, and Joe (3×13 “Heart”)
This was the greatest group number for Quinn in Season 3 because not only did Quinn lead the song, but she did a great job doing it. Quinn usually is just a background singer for almost every song she’s in on Glee, but in this song, and any other song when she’s given the chance, she always makes the best of it.


  • Best Group Number for Season 4: Homeward Bound/Home featuring Quinn, Puck, Finn, Santana, Mike, and Mercedes (4×8 “Thanksgiving”)
    The moment I heard this song in Season 4 I fell in love with it. Quinn opens the song,  and we finally have a duet with Puck, even if it’s only for 10 seconds before the rest of the crew join in with them. The song to me was pure magic in every way possible from the voices blending together beautifully to the perfect harmonies. This quite honestly might be my favorite group number of all the seasons.


Best Quinn Fabray Moments on Glee!

  • Quinn revealing her pregnancy to Finn (1×4 “Preggers”) : This was one of my favorite moments because it was one of the first times that we got to see Quinn outside her bitchy Cheerio role. We got to see a vulnerable, scared teenager who wasn’t the HBIC that we had become accustomed to seeing her as in the first few episodes of the series.
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  • Quinn standing up to Sue to get back on the Cheerios (1×12 “Mattress”): I loved this moment because we got to see the HBIC side of Quinn come out. We saw her show that when she wants something she’ll do whatever it takes. She wanted back on the Cheerios, and not only did she get her wish to get back on the squad, but she turned Sue down because “she’d rather be a part of a club that’s proud to have her as a member”, unlike the Cheerios who kicked her out when she needed them most.
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  • Quinn telling Mercedes she’s beautiful the way she is (1×16 “Home”): This was a beautiful moment and the start of a great friendship. This was also a time that we saw Quinn move away from her Cheerio ways and caring for someone that doesn’t exactly look like a cheerleader. She’s able to sympathize with Mercedes having felt the same way with Sue, and gave Mercedes confidence to know that she’s beautiful just the way she is.
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  • Quinn giving birth to Beth (1×22 “Journey to Regionals”): This was a moment that everyone was waiting for and honestly the moment couldn’t have been any sweeter. Seeing Quinn holding Beth in her arms for the first time was a touching moment, and only made we wish that we had gotten more between this sweet duo.
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  • Quinn and Sam’s first date (2×4 “Duets”): My main ship is Quick, but I can’t deny that this was a cute moment and I loved seeing the sweet side of Quinn. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and the two of them not only steal this scene, but the whole episode.
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  • Quinn quits the Cheerios along with Brittany and Santana (2×11 “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”): Anytime Quinn and Sue have a showdown it’s always a great moment and this was no exception. Quinn standing up to Sue yet again shows why she is the real HBIC of Glee.
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  • Quinn tells Rachel she’ll never get it right (2×16 “Original Song”): I loved this moment. While I’m not a Faberry fan, I love their friendship and to me this was possibly one of the first times that Quinn actually showed that she cared for Rachel in a friendly way. She has her best interests at heart, and while she might have just wanted Finn for herself, I really do think that she was caring more about Rachel’s future over a relationship with Finn in this moment.
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  • Quinn embraces her inner “Lucy Caboosey” (2×18 “Born this Way”): While I did love the moment we found out that Quinn wasn’t always the perfect girl she wanted everyone to believe she was, I love that she was able to embrace that people now knew her secret and accepted her for her past self.
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  • Quinn just wants somebody to love her (2×22 “New York”): Okay while I do want to point out that at least two guys have told her that they love her, I do feel for Quinn in this moment. The way she broke down in front of Brittana, and showed how much the Finn break-up actually affected her was heartbreaking.
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  • Quinn breaks down in front of Shelby after seeing Beth (3×2 “I Am Unicorn”): This was yet another heartbreaking moment. It really did bother me how they just tossed the Beth storyline to the side in Season 2, so I’m glad they came back to it, even if it eventually brought out Psycho Quinn. Quinn clearly still cares about Beth even though she gave her up, and seeing her daughter brought back normal Quinn for about 30 seconds.
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  • Quinn’s pep talk with Puck (3×7, “I Kissed A Girl”): This was the talk I was waiting for and to me it only made it a little bit more special that it was from Puck. She needed someone all season, the red flags were there and he was the first person to address it and realize that she needed more help than anyone noticed. He made her realize that she doesn’t need Beth to be special, and that she can make something of her life and get out of Lima. This was the kick-start that Quinn needed to get her life back together.
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  • Quinn and Rachel are ‘sort of’ friends (3×8 “Hold On To Sixteen”): Quinn has come a long way from the girl we met in Season one, especially considering she never would have admitted to being Rachel’s friend in Season one. This was a great moment because it shows how much Quinn has grown as a person and realizing who her real friends are.
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  • Quinn gets into Yale (3×11 “Michael”): I don’t think this moment even needs an explanation. After all of the things Quinn has been through it was amazing to finally see Quinn have something great happen to her.
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  • Quinn’s happy to be alive (3×15 “Big Brother”): While I didn’t love the how the accident was handled on the show, I loved Quinn’s attitude after the accident. She kept positive, and didn’t want people feeling sorry for her. I love how we got to see Quinn interact with Artie as well as their friendship was quite nice to see.
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  • Quinn walks at Prom! (3×19 “Prom-asaurus”): I think everyone would say that this was a standout moment for Quinn. We all knew she was able to stand again when we saw her with Finn in the bathroom, but the way she showed everyone she could stand was truly a great and surprising moment that I could watch again and again.
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  • Quinn as Sugar (3×20 “Props”): Quinn as Sugar was literally one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, of course it’s more Dianna as Sugar, but I’m saying it was Quinn. I loved this switching of characters in this episode and the Quinn and Sugar switch was one of the top switches and moments for me.
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  • Quinn helping Puck to Graduate (3×22 “Goodbye”): As a Quick fan this had to be a top moment for me. From telling him she loves him to the ‘magic’ kiss, it was a sweet storyline and one that I enjoyed. I loved that she helped him before she truly cared for him and now because she felt sorry for him.
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  • Quinn says goodbye to Sue (3×22 “Goodbye”): Quinn and Sue always had a somewhat rocky relationship because of the two being so strong willed in getting what they want. Despite the two constantly butting heads they truly respected each other and cared about each other. Quinn was the daughter Sue always wanted, before she had her own, and seeing Quinn leaving was like having her daughter go to college.
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  • Quinn reunites with the gang at Breadstix (4×8 “Thanksgiving”): After not seeing Quinn for nearly seven episodes it was nice to see Quinn back with her friends in Lima having fun and just catching up for lost time. This was the reunion everyone was waiting for and, at least for me, it didn’t disappoint.
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  • Quinn shows Biff that she is not a lady to mess with (5×11 “100”):  Quinn is so badass that she doesn’t slap someone that insults her, she grabs their nose and makes them wish they hadn’t done it in the first place. It quite honestly might have been my favorite Quinn moment of the episode…….

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With Quinn set to come back for the 100th episode there are so many possibilities of what she could be up to. Who will she interact with? … and most importantly, will she give us another memorable Quinn moment or song to add to the lists?

I’ve given you my favorite songs and moments, so now I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite songs and moments featuring Quinn Fabray!

I’d like to leave you with my favorite quote about Quinn, from a certain Noah Puckerman “You don’t need a baby or a dude or anyone to make you special. If there’s one person that I’m sure is gonna get the hell out of this town and make something of herself, it’s you.”. Quinn Fabray is one special lady and i’m proud to call her my favorite glee character.



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