Glee 100: Bec’s Story-Why I Became A Gleek

Photo courtesy of Fox
Photo courtesy of Fox

Hello. My name is Bec Heim. I am a Gleek.

It’s strange back when I saw the pilot in Spring of 2009, I was a different person back then. Junior in high school, still haven’t figured out my future, and I had never really fangirled over something before. Yeah there was Harry Potter which I still love but keeping my interest in television shows was hard back then.

Now it’s March 2013. I’m a senior in college. I’ve been accepted into grad school. I have recapped this show for 4YE (currently) and other sites (previously). I have a blog about Glee. Technically I can say that the reason I want to get into writing for television (my main career goal) is due, in part, to this show about singing teenagers in Ohio. I can also say that because of Glee I have found and embraced my inner fangirl-ish squee.

Character motivations, songs, discussing episodes for hours have become something I look forward too. Being a fan of Glee is like being in a weird, fucked-up Wonderland where we are all Alice trying to make sense of the nonsense. I loved it. I still really like it despite my persona of anger in the recaps.

Mel Brooks said that you need to mock what you love or words to that effect. What do you think I’m doing here?

So why did I become a Gleek?

It just happened? I can’t really predict the exact moment I became a Gleek. I guess if I had to I would have to say the first time I saw the first episode in Spring 2009. Back when I was praying that it wasn’t going to be a High School Musical clone and saw the first episode.

It was…a revelation to me. I don’t know. It just felt kind of fresh and new. All the characters were awkward and misfits and felt like they didn’t fit in, even the popular among them. I felt that exact way. The music was a mix of classics that I grew up on and stuff I haven’t heard before. It was silly and heartfelt and painfully earnest.

So yeah, I was a fan by the end of it. I still consider the pilot episode of Glee to be one of the best pilot episodes I have ever seen. Period.

The subsequent episodes felt just as solid and steady and weird and awesome. The show was celebrating the weirdos of the world. And let’s be honest, even those of us who weren’t outcasts sometimes felt like an outcast.

Yeah. The writing could be…it is what it is. Still there were characters we related too and rooted for. There was an inclusiveness in the New Directions that, for the most part, none of us have probably ever felt in our own high schools. I took my first stumbling steps into adulthood while watching this show. I have cheered and gotten angry and felt heart-wrenching grief due to one show and a cast of characters and a troupe of actors that I adore.

I have made amazing friends thanks to Glee. I have met people insane and true and wonderful and wacky. People who are passionate about other things and have dragged me into those as well. I have become an adult while I watched this show. And isn’t that weird?

Being a Gleek isn’t easy. Trust me.

Yet. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.

And it all happened in one moment, where we all never stopped believing.

Bec Heim