Foot Button Pushes And Celine Dion Are All In On The Voice’s Third Night Of The Blinds

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Time for more blind auditions y’all!!!

Last week was amazing. Seriously I still have chills from Bria Kelly’s “Steamroller Blues.”

Also the coaches continuing to act like giant dorks continue in the course of utter hilarity. I love to watch them fight over contestants.

Adam also keeps ending up in Blake’s lap. Which is, you know, fine by me.

So let’s look at where the coaches are in building their teams.

Usher and Adam both have four slots filled.

Shakira has three members for her team.

Blake has two members for his team.

Poor Blake, he’s kind of lagging behind isn’t he? Well let’s see if he woos anymore people to his side! The Voice treks on.

“Lights” sung by Ryan White-Maloney: He lives in Vegas. Music helped focus him. After high school, he took a job with his step-dad to be a garbage man. He got married and had a family. His wife lives in Florida with her parents right now. He hates being separated from his kids. His kids are super cute and wish him luck. He wants to further making music his way of living. Wow. I was not expecting that! I don’t know the song or if he does he’s doing a cover I don’t recognize it. He actually sounds really good. Adam and Blake hit their button right away. Shakira hits hers a moment later. He gets so much better as the song goes on. AND LAST MOMENT USHER HITS THE BUTTON! OhmyGod Usher made a pun! Adam said they can bond over their high voices and that he reminded him of Steve Perry. Blake says that he doesn’t sound like Steve Perry and sounds original. He “freakin’ loves it.” Shakira says he attacked the first sentence and got a lot of emotion from it. Ryan goes with the cowboy boots to TEAM BLAKE! 

“Twistin’ The Night Away” sung byDeshawn Washington: He’s from the oldest town in Louisiana. I am not even going to attempt to spell it. He also sings an adorable song about fishing. He and his brothers sang at church together. He left college in order to help his family who is struggling financially. So he moved home to help and thinks The Voice can help them. He could never give up musical. OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS SONG! My mom and I used to listen to this in the car! He sounds really good. AND HE’S TWISTIN’! He’s adorable! SOMEONE TURN! THANK YOU SHAKIRA! Blake is upset that Shakira got him. Adam loves the song. Usher is disappointed because he did such a tribute to the classics. Shakira is legit the smartest one here. I think she is a member of MENSA. So Deshawn goes to TEAM SHAKIRA!

“Royals” sung Sam Behymer: She works as a nanny in LA. So Carson does a Kia promo spot to see her. She moved from Morganville, Texas to LA. She majored in English Lit and her parents want her to persue something more financially stable. Her family doesn’t really understand her dreams. This leads to her considering to apply to grad school if things don’t go well. She wants her parents to understand why. She has an interesting voice. It has pretty cool inflections actually. ADAM hits first! She has a good voice. Usher hits the button next. Oh I can hear some things that need working on. Adam is happy that she didn’t sound like Adele or Regina Spektor. He admits that some stuff needs to be worked on and improve. Usher loves her quirkiness and wants to help compliment her growth and individuality. He namedrops Michelle, who Sam loves, and who Usher loves too. Blake sides with Usher. Sam surprises everyone and picks TEAM ADAM!

Now it’s time for the montage of people Usher rejected but offered advice to.

“Love on Top” sung by Brendon Ryan: He went to UMass Amherest and did improve. He learned to improv songs from it. It allowed for a growing experience. He loves comedy but he’s also a musician. His parents said he had a year to make music happen or go to Plan B. He has no clue what Plan B is. Wow. That is interesting. He kind of made it into an easy listening thing? It’s not my cup of tea. But his voice is okay. Yeah he’s getting screechy now guys. Wow his parents aren’t getting super into it! Bummer but not surprising. Shakira is kicking herself. Adam feels like he has a lot of good things but it didn’t come together enough. Blake says he missed one and apologizes for missing it. Usher said he had time feeling like who he is. Wow are these people who think you are a girl? NO TEAM 

“Keep Me In Mind” sung by the Brothers Walker: Wow twins! Aww they kind of remind me of Midas Whale. They were on the Johnny Cash show and once opened for him. They formed a band in high school but it was more for fun. One of them has been a high school math teacher and they other works exclusively at their recording studio. They support each other and have a passion. HOLY SHIT THEY ARE AMAZING! They sound amazing! I love them. They have excellent harmony. They compliment each other perfectly. Side note: Usher with his feet up equals adorable. They back each other and have moments to shine. Wow. They are so good. USHER FOR THE TURN! I LOVE YOU USHER! Adam is confused by the fact that they are twins. Usher opens with “this is probably odd for you.” OhmyGod the Walker Brothers are funny as hell. Blake wasn’t totally convinced that they are country. Shakira loved them. Usher is excited to work in an area he respects but has never touched. The brothers go to TEAM USHER!

“Zombie” sung by Clarissa Serena: She lives in Texas and works for her parents. Music is really her passion. She works to help girls build confidence and motivates them through music. It’s really sweet watching her with them. She wants to give them a positive role model. She started playing at seventeen and was involved in a band. She wants Usher to turn for her and to put everything she onstage. She has a great rasp in her voice and is totally a rocker chick. She has a lot of power. Adam turns for her! Followed by Shakira when Clarissa adds that growl into her voice. Shakira is just rocking the hell out. WOW! BIG NOTE! Now Blake’s joining the party! And last minute Usher turn! Blake loved her and got dragged in. Shakira loved the song and wants her to pick her. Usher said he loves to savor the moment. Adam brings up the whole turning his chair around first and loves the nostalgia and the rendition. Shakira said that she has a strategy and not the tactics. She’s dropping History knowledge on us. Nice! She goes with TEAM SHAKIRA!

Shakira adds Lindsay Pagano.

Adam adds Joshua Howard.

Usher adds Tanner James.

“Weight” sung by Robert Lee: A postal worker in Alabama, he has been working at it for several years. It’s a secure job. His passion, however, is music and plays four gigs a week. I love how they keep zeroing in on the dogs. He was married at twenty in what he basically admits is a shotgun wedding. I can’t believe he said that. He and his wife divorced but he loves his daughter. His current wife is pregnant with twins and he wants to make this work. Also he shaved, which is kind of surprising, it looks weird to see him hairless. Well he…he sounds okay. That’s pretty much the nicest thing I can say. I don’t know he just sounds like generic country. My country loving friend tells me that this song can sound a lot better. Blake wanted to hear more of a chest sound instead of a nasal sound. Adam says that he needs to work on his technical work and he needed that moment. Usher thinks he should have done as different song. NO TEAM

“If I Ain’t Got You” sung by Melissa Jimenez: She has been singing in her father’s band since the age of fifteen. She loves being with his band and wants to be solo. She was signed but it didn’t work out.  She has a great voice. It has a lot of power. She is also clearly pulling out all the stops to get the coaches to notice her. Usher and Shakira hit at the last minute to win her over. Poor Usher kind of got pushed aside. He complimented her acapella opening. She freaked out at Shakira. Usher thinks she is amazing and loved the cover. Shakira is using the Latina together card. Wow! I thought she was going to go with Shakira! But she surprises us all by going to TEAM USHER!

“Can’t You See” sung by Patrick Thomson: His mother was in a folk band and it influenced him. He and his brother went to band rehearsal and played. He plays for two band and has had a handful of eclectic jobs based on how it would effect his music. He wants to take the opportunity right in front of him. He has that great raspy rock voice. He has a lot of growl to it. I don’t dislike it. I like it though. I also love that dancing move he does with his foot. He is growling this stuff out. Blake turns first followed by Adam. Poor Blake. No one is making things easy for him. Adam says that Patrick has real grit and didn’t hear a solid direction. He wants to find out more about him. Blake said that Patrick should not be an experiment. Usher backs Adam. Blake wants to work that voice. Patrick goes with TEAM ADAM!

It’s time for another montage of people who failed to get on the show.

“Where The Boys Are” sung by Allison Bray: She’s seventeen and has trouble getting gigs due to her family. She loves the country classics. She wants to do something a bit outside of her norm. She wants to be recognized for her signing voice and to have her moment. She starts very big, which wow I was not expecting that. She is just putting a little too much into it. Shakira looks like she wants to but is unsure. Adam begs for her to not be sad right now. Adam said there was so much that was soo close and needed refinement. Blake thought the choice was interesting. Shakira said she got super amazing at the end of the song instead of earlier. Blake tells Allison that she needs to work as hard as she can on her pitch if she comes back. NO TEAM

“Ain’t No Way” sung by Sisaundra Lewis: She grew up picking fruit in the orange groves of Florida. She used her voice to get out of the groves. Her parents were supportive in church and her dad allowed her to go out and sing. Her dad died due a stroke. When she moved to Atlanta and became vocal director for Celine Dion. She is a mother of three and wanted to give them more of her time. Celine gives her a message and wishes her luck. Her kids encouraged her to audition. Holy hell that voice. Shakira turns nearly immediately followed by Adam. Sisaundra has a deep, rich voice and puts all her power into it. Blake throws his hat into the ring. Oh wow. She went high to a level that made my ears hurt. Usher liked it though and turned around last minute. Blake admits that he is in over his head and is fascinated by her earrings. He would buy her record if it came out tomorrow. Adam thoughts her performance was electric and doesn’t think it was her best. He wants to hear her best. Blake wants to help her be her best at all she does. Usher admits he was reluctant to hit the button because he loves the song so much. He admits too that needs an opportunity for growth. Shakira loves her voice and uses girl power card. Adam says that he’s good with girls too. WOW! Sisaundra surprises all of them to go to TEAM BLAKE!


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