First Look At Stills From Glee’s Upcoming Episode “Bash” Have Been Unveiled

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo: FOX

One upcoming Glee episode that has ignited debate and discussion across social media is episode 15, “Bash”. As soon as the episode title was released back at the end of February, speculation ran rife about what the episode would be dealing with. Would it actually involve the bashing of a beloved character or, like season 3’s “Choke”, would the episode revolve around another meaning of “bash”? When fan photos from location shoots of Chris Colfer’s Kurt sporting cuts and bruises and action around a curbside memorial, it became apparent that the episode would be addressing the everyday reality of gay bashing. Though the extended summary, when released last week, doesn’t provide much information in relation to this plotline.

Yesterday (March 26), the first stills from the episode were released. All three, though in two different locations, appear to be from the same day and feature Blaine, looking particularly dapper in a bow tie made specially for him by Amy from Bowdacious.

The first two stills appear to be in the New York loft.

Photo: Tyler Golden/FOX

The first has Blaine in what looks to be deep conversation with Sam.

Photo: Tyler Golden/FOX

The second seems to have Blaine standing beside a bed, giving whoever is in the bed (Kurt?) a cute/exasperated look while holding an nondescript object in his hand.

Photo: Mike Yarish/FOX

The third pic conveys so much in one single still. It looks like it could be from a hospital set (there looks like crutches in the background) and shows Blaine at a desk with worry and desperation coming off him in waves.

Needless to say this is going to be a difficult episode to watch, but the subject matter provides a lot for the actors to work with and I anticipate that we will see some of the best performances from all involved.

“Bash” will air on April 8 on Fox at 8/7c.


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