Everyone Will Be “Tested” in Glee’s 5×16: Who Will Succeed?

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Photo: FOX

We Gleeks are certainly being spoiled with all the fantastic Glee news that is hitting the ‘net every day lately. It’s almost hard to keep up with it all. Luckily, we have it all conveniently stored for you here.

With roughly a quarter of a season left of Glee season 5 and the action shifting to the Big Apple, life in the real world outside the safe confines of McKinley’s choir room is affecting all of the recent graduates in new and interesting ways. Episode 5×16 “Tested” certainly brings that home, with each graduate struggling with finding themselves and their place as seen in the recently released extended episode summary:

Blaine discovers his newfound love of “cronuts” has the residual side-effect of weight gain – namely, the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen.” Combined with witnessing a more physically fit and self-confident Kurt’s star rapidly rising at NYADA while his simultaneously wanes, the increasingly pudgy former dreamboat begins to suffer a crisis in confidence… leading to some uncharacteristic behavior. As “Film School Artie” enjoys a success with the ladies that “High School Artie” never could have hoped for, he is quick to avail himself of all opportunities presented him. However, he soon discovers that his Casanova’s ways come at a price, one which may preclude him from making the one special connection he truly desires. As roommates Sam and Mercedes explore being a couple, she confesses that she is still a virgin and is not sure when (or if) she will be ready for them to make love for the first time. While the smitten Sam agrees to wait as long as she wants, he nevertheless tries to do everything he can to prove his worthiness and expedite the process… while she seeks outside advice from several sources.

Let’s start with Artie… so “High School Artie” didn’t have a lot of success with the ladies??? What are Tina, Brittany, Sugar, and Kitty, not to mention the hook up with Emma’s cousin at the non-wedding in season 4? Chopped liver? I wish I had Artie’s success in high school. Given the title of the episode and the lovely still of Mr. Abrams doing the social media rounds (see below) I think we can all guess what his discovery that “may preclude him from making the one special connection he truly desires” might be, especially as he will be singing Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”.

Photo: FOX

Mercedes and Sam… given Mercedes religious background, it does not surprise me that she is still a virgin and more power to her. It’s her body, her beliefs, and I applaud her for doing what is best for her. Mercedes’ “I Wanna Know What Love is” by Foreigner is certainly telling here. It’s good to see Sam respecting her wishes. However, he’s obviously looking for an adult relationship in every sense of the word, and he’s perfectly entitled to that. Some relationships just don’t pan out because each party is after something different to be fulfilled. This storyline, if done right, could be a really interesting insight into the transition of relationships from high school to the adult world.

Klaine… Blaine and the “Freshman 15”… frankly I love it. This storyline and its fallout definitely looks like it the other meaning of tested. I am interested in seeing how their relationship dynamic shifts when Kurt is the one in the limelight, as they have never had to deal with this before. Kurt has certainly come into his own in New York, and different people peak at different times in their lives. I’m not saying it’s all downhill for Blaine now, but it’s natural that his ego is going to take a beating in the real world after being coddled both at Dalton and then McKinley. From what we’ve seen, he never had to work particularly hard for anything at either place, so it will be good for him and for his relationship with Kurt for this change. I just worry about his “uncharacteristic behavior”. Adding to that we have the boys duetting on “Love Is A Battlefield” by Pat Benatar; it all points to the fact that all will not be happy in Klaineland for a lot of this episode I fear.

“Tested” will air on Fox on April 15 at 8/7c.

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