Emily Tests Pascal’s “Addiction” to Victoria this Week on Revenge

Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

It’s casino night this week for all our favourite Hamptonites, and boy does Emily take a gamble.

At the top of Emily’s Revengenda now is to figure out how Pascal was  involved in her dad’s trial and eventual murder. For this reason, she spends this week’s episode trying to cross yet another red x . Once again, Emily learns she has her work cut out for her. Pascal has been entwined with the Grayson’s long enough to know how to play the game.  Emily decides to play her single card and get as close to him as possible, but Pascal calls her bluff.

Of course, Emily doesn’t fold. The game has just begun.

Now, for the first time ever on Revenge, we realize that Emily doesn’t want to play alone anymore. She needs a partner to maneuver this game to come out the winner. This is made clear when she fly’s to Bermuda to pick Aiden’s brain about what her next move should be, and to tell  him that, surprise, she misses him. Aiden’s response? He’s not Nolan. We can’t lie and say that it didn’t hurt us to see the Brit give Emily the cold shoulder, but then again he can only be burned so many times.

Emily does not let the situation with Aiden deter her from the task at hand. She does her research and throws a casino night, hoping to attract Pascal who “coincidentally” happens to love gambling. The extra cherry on top? Proceeds of the night will go to Pascal’ charity which apparently Emily also holds dear to her heart. Not only is the scene beautiful equipped with a stunningly decorated set, but the dresses worn to the event are to die for. Emily sports a stunning red dress, and unwanted guest Victoria shows up with perfectly permed hair and a killer white dress with a deep v that proves Madeline Stowe still has it. Well, she never lost it to begin with.

Second on the unwanted guest list is Nolan’s tech genius house guest Javier who has set his sights on Charlotte. We may have raised an eyebrow when Javier confessed that he is fresh out of prison upon meeting the young Grayson, but Charlotte found it “refreshing.” Nolan, however, wasn’t quite as charmed. Daniel also shows up to throw Emily off, simply because he likes to see her squirm.

Pascal does show up, but the real action happens when Victoria and Emily go toe to toe, putting “all the cards on the table” so to speak. Surprisingly, Victoria throws the game, and lets Emily win. Of course, no one can read Victoria quite as well as Emily, so she realizes that the Queen Grayson threw the game. The only question? Why.

Victoria and Emily aren’t the only ones playing games; Daniel also has something up his sleeve and we don’t like it one bit. Even after Charlotte asserts she does not want to involve Gack in Grayson schemes, she does end up joining forces with Daniel to convince Margaux that the only reason Jack wants her to take a position in Rome is to cozy up to Emily. Shockingly, Daniel proposes a way to boot Pascal from Voulez (frames him for a crime he did not commit – how original) and Margaux jumps at the opportunity. This all results in a really sad confrontation between the LeMarchal’s that hurt our heart.

Jack may be set up by Daniel, but at least things are good in mommy paradise. We are putting it out there right now that we love Stevie. Stevie tries to help Conrad in trying to bring Victoria down, and meets once again with Emily to reconnect about David Clarke. Although hyperventilation almost happened on our part when Stevie poured herself a drink following an emotional conversation with Conrad, we were pleased to see her chuck the drink. Stay strong Stevie, or “Stev” as Conrad affectionately called her. Are we the only ones who would love to see them reconnect? We much prefer them to Victoria and Pascal who finally come together at the end of the episode when we learn he double crossed Emily to get into Victoria’s good graces.

We get a split second to be relieved when Emily tells Nolan that she knows Pascal filmed their meeting. At least this way she can brace herself for betrayal.  That relief goes away when a full-on ninja looking Aiden appears to assert that the TWM referred to in the letter exchanged between Pascal and Conrad are the initials of his father.


We have a week to ponder how Aiden’s was involved in David Clarke’s take down, until Revenge airs this Sunday. Until then, enjoy the anxiety.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues