Emily Faces Her Biggest “Struggle” This Week on Revenge

Courtesy of EntertainmentOutlook
Courtesy of EntertainmentOutlook

This week on Revenge Emily is at her worst point yet. Her mental health has taken a serious hit. We thought she hit rock bottom when she was loosing Jack and Nolan, but now she is literally loosing her mind and it’s pretty scary. We all love Emily and want to her succeed, which is what makes this a particularly stressful episode.

Aiden has no interest in helping Emily. This is understandable given the whole almost killing him. Unfortunately, this leaves Nolan by his lonesome to look after Emily. By “looking after” we mean him stressing over Emily as she refuses to take his advice. This Nemily dynamic just never ends. It’s cute, but exhausting considering no one wants Emily killed.

Thankfull,y Aiden does end up helping out Emily after Nolan tells him she plans on killing everyone. “I’m going to kill them all” is definitely one of Emily’s top lines.

Oh, and this episode gives us Nolan and Victoria in one room. So much fabulous. We forget why they are together…it’s some king of art committee meeting, but that’s irrelevant. All we could pay attention to was those two extra buttons Nolan undid for the meeting… and his checking out the smoking brunette on the committee.  Can we get #GetSomeNolan trending? I think we can.

Speaking of Nolan getting some, our favourite fashionisto drops by Patrick’s home (you know, to only make things fair after all of Patrick’s impromptu drop-by’s). He apologizes for sparking Patrick’s interest in finding his father and proceeds to lecture Patrick on how much he has changed. He gives him an amazing opportunity for his art, and confesses he still cares about him. No kissing ensued. There should have been kissing.

Alsom all this back and forth between Victoria and Stevie are flawless. Victoria has finally found an equal – someone who can sass and scheme just as good as she can. Unsurprisingly, this is not nearly as amusing to Victoria who wants to “slay the dragon” for once and for all once she realizes Stevie is a worthy opponent. In worse news for Victoria, Patrick is offered an apprenticeship Tuscany with a hot shot in the Art industry.

Among the reconciliations and feuds is Aiden and Emily, who spend this weeks episode in an abandoned building. Unfortunately it’s not as sexy as it sounds. Drowning is involved. Aiden tries to help Emily tap into her roots and help her come to terms with what her actual goals are. She tries to find herself, and in an doing so, we got a new number on the list of “List of Most Chilling Emily Thorne Lines” – “My father is to blame for everything.” And now we know where those blackouts come from.


And it gets worse.

Patrick is taking that job opportunity because he doesn’t know how to handle when someone hurts the person he loves most – his mother. To ensure he doesn’t go killing people who mess with Victoria, Patrick has decided to get up and do. The sad thing is, Patrick loves his mom so much that he can’t look at her at tell her this. So, he leaves her a heartbreaking voice message that leaves Victoria, and us, in tears.

In lighter news, Stevie and Jack do that “you were never around and now you are” dance that bugs us because, well, we love Stevie and she never really got to explain herself. It turns out she had an affair with Jack’s dad, so she went on one of those pregnancy vaycays and gave Jack to his dad for him and the woman he thought was his mom to raise. Stevie didn’t bail, which means Jack now has a son, smoking girlfriend, and a mother. His mother is also sober 20 years, so we know she is just as strong as Jack. This can mean good things for Jack’s future and quite frankly, he deserves it. Also, we love cute Emily/Jack moments. We should also mention Jack turned to Emily for mom advice…yeah, we know. We don’t question.

The best moments of the night is a tie. It’s a toss up between Nolan and Victoria’s sweet cheers to Patrick’s well being and Jack and Stevie’s endearing reconciliation as Jack invites her over to meet her grandson.

 In true Revenge fashion we get a small piece of information in the last minute that now has us shaking and not able to wait for next week. Stevie Grayson visited David Clarke in jail.

I’m sorry. What? Until next week…I don’t know, I’ll let you know how to handle the week wait when I find out.

Nolanism of the night: Because she’s not answering her phone I had to use my find a former friend app

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