Disney Announces Sequels For Cars And The Incredibles Are In The Works

Photo: Film Junk

My 5 year old son burst with happiness this morning when I told him the rather wonderful news that Disney has confirmed that not only is The Incredibles 2 in the works, but also Cars 3.

The sequels were confirmed yesterday (March 18) by Disney President Bob Iger, who said that The Incredibles’ director Brad Bird is writing the story for a follow up, and that Pixar are working on another Cars movie along with the Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory.

It was also reported earlier that Pixar are to rerelease Ratatouille and The Incredibles in 3D. Speaking at the 3D Creative Summit in London, Pixar’s director of 3D production Josh Hollander said,“Right now we’re working on The Incredibles, which is a lot of fun in 3D. I’m not sure what the release strategy for it will be.

“It’s been an interesting challenge to work on technology because – while the film was released ten years ago – the technology is even older as it took four years to make. We have a version of Ratatouille, which works really well in 3D and we’re trying to figure out exactly what the release strategy for that will be.”

Personally, I think The Incredibles will work really well in 3D. I’m not so sure about Ratatouille. I guess the Parisian backgrounds would look good, but I’m not that much of a fan of the film. My little boy just lives for Cars and Monsters Inc/University. He collects all the die cast cars and soft toy versions of the Monsters, and can tell you the names of all the characters. When I told him Cars 3 was being made, he asked if we could go and see it at the weekend.  Um…it may be a few years yet!