Deep Breaths: Superman vs Batman Versus Captain America 3 Box Office Battle Won’t Happen

Photo courtesy of Empire Online
Photo courtesy of Empire Online

May 6, 2016 is going to be a completely ordinary day.


The sun will be shining. The birds will fly around. It will be warm because it has to get warm at some point, right?

Also a DC movie and a Marvel movie will battle it out featuring their most iconic characters.

For weeks upon weeks everyone has been talking about the clash of the comic book movie titans. Captain America 3 was going up against Superman vs. Batman. Everyone was weighing in: actors, producers, directors, and critics regarding this latest chapter in the history of DC and Marvel’s rivalry.

The Russo brothers (directors of the latest Captain America movie and the directors of Captain America 3) think that everyone is blowing this whole thing out of proportion. In fact, they are convinced that this huge giant box office war will not come to pass.

Joe Russo, in an interview with Digital Spy, had this to say: “Everybody likes to image a flame war that’ll start over this but it’s not. It’s two big movies on a date – neither studio is crazy enough to eat up each other’s profits. At some point, somebody’s going to move off the date.”

It makes sense. Despite being rivals, DC and Marvel are more like frenemies than actual enemies. At least, that is how it was explained to me by people who actually know this stuff a lot better. Honestly, the movies are just going to come down to preference for the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Cinematic Universe that DC is constructing. Knowing myself, I’m probably going to check out both movies at some point that weekend anyway.

It just comes down to preference which one you are going to see or, if you’re like me, which one you will see first. Honestly, it is only a big deal because people are making it a big deal.

Superman, Batman, and Captain America all like each other (again this is what I was told) so let us all just get along and go see two blockbusters on May 6, 2016. Alright?




Bec Heim