Contestants Battle And Coaches Steal In The Season Six Voice Battle Premiere

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It’s time to battle, y’all! Battle for your soul!


Not for your soul, but more for a chance to move onto the Knockout Rounds.

Tonight we get to see the coaches and the mentors in action with their newly completed teams. Then it is the return of the long awaited steal.

Who will get the boot? Who will get stolen? Will Adam sneak over to Blake for more cuddle action? Will Usher dance? Will Shakira make an extended metaphor only some of us get?!

All these questions and more will be answered as The Voice heads to battle!

“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” sung by Biff Gore versus T.J. Wilkins: Usher sees a new school versus old school vibe between the two of them. He sees an R&B vibe between them and wants to do a classic R&B record. Jill Scott hears a clean versus a gruff. Usher tells T.J. that he needs to put his energy into it. Usher tries to get them to move Jill and focus on winning her heart. They need to be desperate singing it and Usher urges them to find the desperation. In order to remain on Team Usher, they need to show their emotional side. Damn. Usually I know which one to choose but they both sound really good here. They both have a great R&B vibe. If I have to choose, I would go with Biff because he has this nice grit to his voice. Yet I dig T.J.’s clean voice. OhmyGod Biff did the Chamuel squat. I love Biff. They get so passionate at the end. I really hope Biff is chosen. Shakira loves Biff’s kicks and thought they were amazing. Adam loved their energy and felt it. Blake said it was pure entertainment. Usher is happy about the performance and that they represented themselves well.  The winner is T.J. WILKINS! Ugh I’m so mad! YES! FUCK YEAH BLAKE! STEAL: BIFF GORE GOES TO TEAM BLAKE! Blake says that Biff is a great entertainer.

“It Goes Like This” sung by Jake Worthington versus Lexi Luca: Jake was okay. Lexi I think got a montage spot in the Blind Auditions. I have no clue who’s going to win. I can hear Lexi’s nerves already. She is already crying already. Jake sounds alright. Lexi improves the next day. The Band Perry girl gives them some good advice at the final rehearsals. She also tells them that they have to sing like they are in love with each other. Oh…Oh God. This is…really awkward. Just so very awkward. I don’t even know who to pick here. I heard more flaws in Lexi’s voice. So I guess I’ll go with Jake as the winner. Even the hug is awkward at the end of it. Is Jake’s girlfriend wearing a lei of fake flowers? Usher says he could hear Lexi’s nerves and was impressed by Jake. He declares Jake the winner for him. Shakira says she hears Lexi’s potential and loves Jake’s nasal tone. Adam heard technical issues on Lexi’s side and wants Jake to stay with Blake. Blake says that Lexi did great with holding in her emotions and said Jake fumbled the lyrics a bit at the top of the song. The winner is JAKE WORTHINGTON! Yeah I saw that happening. Aww Jake gives Lexi a hug backstage and tells her that she is amazing.

“My Kind Of Love” sung by Dani Moz versus De’Shawn Washington: I think Dani was another one chair turn. I liked De’Shawn in the Blinds so here’s hoping he moves on. Shakira loves how De’Shawn expresses his reediness. Miranda says that Dani knows her strengths and belts out those big notes. Dani thinks her lower register needs improvement. Shakira loves that they are vibing. In the final rehearsal, they need to not step on each other. De’Shawn is alright but has a bit of a mushmouth sometimes in the song. Okay De’Shawn got over some of his mushmouth. Dani has a clear sound to her voice. They both are definitely giving it their all. I like Dani edged out De’Shawn because the song was more of her comfort zone. Adam thought that it was awesome and had a lot of great movement/natural chemistry. Blake liked Dani’s cool upper stuff but said that De’Shawn was the surprise here. He goes with De’Shawn because of the shock value. Usher said that Dani understood the emotional need and thought that De’Shawn held his own with being out of his comfort zone. Usher also picks De’Shawn. Shakira loves De’Shawn’s unique timbre to his voice. She also loved what Dani put out. The winner is DANI MOZ! Usher is really tempted but doesn’t push his button.

“Whenever I Call You Friend” sung by Kat Perkins versus Patrick Thomson: Oh Adam. What are you wearing? Kat is definitely star-struck with meeting Aloe Blacc. Heh. I love playing “songs that Glee has recently covered.” Guess what goes on my scorecard! Aloe tells Pat that needs to show himself: flaws and all. Adam tells Patrick to also not worry about doing the same thing every time. Aloe tells Kat not to close her eyes so much while singing. Wow. Kat’s hair is something. They both sound actually pretty good. I prefer Patrick’s grit personally. Kat is also pretty good too. Oh yeah never mind, Patrick overdid it there. Kat was consistently solid throughout. Blake thought it was really good but thought Kat had a bigger presence in the song. Usher said that it took a minute for them to warm up and perform. Shakira enjoyed the dynamic between the two of them. Adam thought the pairing was a good idea for a great battle round but a bad idea for him in the long run. The winner is KAT PERKINS! Yeah I agree with that. Kat sounded really good. Shakira surprises us all and goes for the steal! STEAL: PATRICK THOMSON GOES TO TEAM SHAKIRA! Shakira admits she loves voices like his.

“Do What U Want” sung by Paula Deanda versus Sisaundra Lewis: Oh. I didn’t really like either of them. They did really weird things with their voices. Blake praises Sisaundra’s voice. The Band Perry girl tells them to not overpower each other and to pick their moments. In the last rehearsal, The Band Perry girl tells Sisaundra to watch her pitch when she gets excited. Blake says that Paula is going to play it up a bit and Sisaundra is going to have to play it down. I don’t really know this song well. They start, however, and the crowd is on their feet. Um this isn’t really doing anything for me. I was expecting something a lot bigger than this. I prefer Sisaundra? I think. I don’t really Paula’s voice and in some moments it sounds weird. Usher said he heard pitch issues and there were flaws in her falsetto. He thinks that she is an incredible talent. Shakira loved Sisaundra’s high note and thought she let it loose at the perfect moment. Blake said that Paula sang the crap out of it but noticed the issues Usher was talking about. He said that Sisaundra’s high note was perfection. The winner is SISAUNDRA LEWIS!

“Higher Love” sung by Jake Barker versus Stevie Jo: I remember Stevie Jo. Well I remember his Mom freaking out. Jake was a little too high for me. Stevie is impressed by Jake’s runs. Usher wants Jake to project more. Usher says not to use the vibrato but use the power from being in metal bands. Jill Scott compares Jake to Justin Timberlake. She also admires Stevie Jo’s passion in everything he sings. She tells them that they need to be desperate in their voice. Usher and Jill Scott don’t look impressed at the first run-through. Jake has breathing difficulties and Stevie needs to round his notes. Jill tells them to show the conviction. Stevie Jo’s mom is just really into this. Wow! Major improvement on both of them. Stevie Jo sounds smoother with his easy notes. Jake sounds more confident and less breathy. They both sound really good. I still don’t dig Jake’s falsetto though. Shakira thought they both were lovely and commends them both. She said she would pick Jake (or maybe Stevie.) Adam said that he’ll take whichever one doesn’t make it. Shakira tries to make Adam choose but Adam won’t. Blake said that they had a lot of energy and entertainment in the battle. It was evenly matched for them and he goes with Jake. The winner is STEVIE JO! Stevie Jo’s mom goes nuts and is really really funny. Adam immediately pushes the button and keeps on pushing. Shakira follows Adam’s example. Blake also gets in on the steal just to annoy them. Adam tells him that he’s incredible and they both have tattoos. Shakira said that Jake reminded her of Justin Timberlake and loved his voice. Also that she can introduce him to Rihanna. Blake said that what America reacts too and drive it home to win. STEAL: JAKE BARKER GOES TO TEAM ADAM!

Bec Heim