Clone Down? New Orphan Black Trailer Teases Twist

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Attention Clone Clubbers! BBC America has just released a new trailer for season two – and oh boy does it look good.

Fresh of Orphan Black‘s big night at the Canadian Screen Awards – taking home five awards including Best Dramatic Series and Best Actress in a Dramatic Role for Tatiana Maslany (duh) – an intense trailer that hints…well shows a dead unknown clone at the end of it was released today (March 10).

Check it out below:

After last season’s action packed episodes, I really don’t think Sarah and her clones are going to be slowing down at all. Between finding Kira and making sure they don’t get kidnapped and/or killed the girls are going to be having some fun. Well, not fun for them but definitely some great entertaining television for us.

Which clone do you think bites the dust at the end? Is it the corpse of one of the clones that have already passed, one we currently know about, or an unknown one? We won’t know for sure until Orphan Black returns on April 19, but with this show any outcome is possible.

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