Animals, The Elderly And No Miley: Chris Colfer On His Glee Writing Debut

Photo: Chris Colfer News
Photo: Chris Colfer News

On Monday we brought you the exciting news that Glee star extraordinaire Chris Colfer had been invited to write an episode for the hit Fox show.

Now we have more information about what we can expect from the episode from the man himself.  Speaking at the party which was held last night in honour of the 100th episode milestone, Colfer spoke about being offered the writing opportunity and the ideas that are floating around for the episode.

Apparently, the planning meetings are already taking place for Episode 19 which is the one which Colfer will be writing, and that in spite of himself there will not be a return to twerking, however apparently animals and the elderly might feature.

“I think we’re going to do something … with animals and the elderly. I kind of have this shot to do a really selfish episode, which if it was for me, I would probably have done a Miley Cyrus tribute episode. But I’m trying to do the best episode that I can, rather than do something selfish.”

Who can blame the star for wanting to be a little selfish when he is the given the opportunity to play God with Kurt and the other McKinley alumni as they work and wend their way through New York City.  Right now I am petitioning that Kurt and Blaine decide to get a cat for the loft, and therefore Chris can bring his awesome feline Brian into the Glee family.

Colfer talked about the writing opportunity being a “total invitation” and that although he has written his own movie and 4 books, he had no desire to “tamper with someone else’s image. Then they were like, ‘Here, come tamper.’”

Chris is also being given carte blanche to choose the musical numbers for the episode.

Unfortunately, he thinks that the producers will shoot down his dream number, which unbelievably is a mash-up of “Who Let The Dogs Out” and the Andrew Lloyd Webber standard “Jellicle Cats” from the musical Cats. Now for me, I would love to hear that.

I am so excited for this episode, and so so pleased for Chris that he is being given the opportunity to shine behind the camera.


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