ABC Shares Teaser Photos of Emily’s “Addiction” This Week on Revenge

Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Emily Thorne has a lot on that Revengenda of hers as of late. She is divorcing her husband, her kind-of sort-of boyfriend is no where to be seen, her best friend has a surprise guest, and her childhood friend has not one, but two people entering his life who are connected to her late father. Luckily, ABC has released some teaser photos to keep us tied over until this Sunday’s episode.

This upcoming episode of Revenge should be giving us some more information on Nolan’s guest who is sitting out house arrest at his home, Stevie’s role in David Clarke’s trial, and how Pascal fits into the whole situation. The pictures show just who we will see interacting this week, and tease the epic dresses that will be worn while they do so. That’s a lot to get done in the six episodes left this season of Revenge.

Regardless, us Revengers can not wait to see what this show has in store for us for the rest of the season. It’s never boring watching how Emily’s revenge plots unfold. On the same note, the anxiety is real this season as we finally learn there are no lengths Emily is too afraid to go to to protect those she holds close to heart.

See the photos courtesy of ABC below.

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