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Photo: Kirsty Wallace
Photo: Kirsty Wallace

If someone had asked me which Irish actor I could spend my St Patrick’s Day evening with, Sherlock star Andrew Scott would definitely have been up there.  So that’s just what I got the opportunity to do, thanks to the recent Meet The FilmMakers at London’s flagship Apple Store.

Scott, best known as the evil Moriarty in BBC hit Sherlock was there to discuss his new movie, an Irish comedy The Stag.  Our presenter for the evening was Heat editor Boyd Hilton.

The premise of the movie is that Scott stars as lecturer Davan, the best man who is forced to organise “The Stag” and it all goes horribly wrong. It’s not quite The Hangover however it looks really funny, and there is the added bonus seeing a WHOLE lot more of Andrew Scott than we ever saw in Sherlock.

Andrew Scott did explain what “a stag” was for the non Irish in the room, basically it is a Bachelor weekend.  Also for any US fans, the likelihood is that when the movie goes over the US later this year, there will be a name change.  This is because a stag movie is something VERY different in the US!!

Andrew started by explaining that comedy is not a new thing to him, as he has done comedic plays, and did a sitcom way back. Part of the reason he chose to join The Stag was to work on something lighter following the darker role he is most well known for.

Scott did admit that he wasn’t a fan of stag weekends, due to the nature of enforced merriment that always surrounds them. He did say that as an actor, he can usually only get to the wedding or the stag, so is able to avoid most of them.  I did find that particularly funny, as I feel exactly the same way about “hen weekends”.

Throughout the 45 minutes we were treating to a few clips of the movie, all of which were very funny, however what I found even funnier was watching how much Scott hates watching himself.  This fact was also picked up by Boyd Hilton; and Scott said it is because he always thinks about what could have been done differently.

Andrew Scott said that he is incredibly proud of this movie, which was written by co-star Peter McDonald, who stars as “The Machine”.  The fact that “The Machine” is attending the stag provides much of the comedy of the scenes we were treated to.  Scott really wants the movie to do well because it was made with a very small budget and that is a rare thing these days.

One thing I found so refreshing about hearing Andrew speak is how honest he was, and at times he told it as it was.  He said that he feels this movie needs word of mouth to survive, because it doesn’t have a huge advertising campaign, and that movie critics can be very snobby about comedy movies.  He said that audiences appear to have found it really funny, and he finds the movie genuinely funny, and he admitted to having promote some projects in the past that “were truly dreadful”.

In case any one was thinking this movie was the like the Irish version of The Hangover, Scott was quick to point out this was not the case, and that the movie is not at all “laddie”.  Scott went so far to describe it as the “anti-Hangover”.  This made me happy, because I am not a fan of movies such as The Hangover and I really want to see this movie, not just because Andrew Scott is in it though.  Scott and the cast did not want to alienate the potential female audience.

Much was made of the fact that Scott is “naked extensively” in the movie, and that for many this will be the main reason to go and see it.  Scott took this in the good humour it was intended.  He went on to talk about filming nude scenes for a week and a half in the middle of the Irish countryside, in November. He admitted that there were onesies worn between takes to stay warm.  However, Scott was quick to point out he doesn’t own one himself however he would wear one but they are “are a pain in the arse to get out of”, and that he finds onesies with feet a strange thing.

The conversation then took a turn to the idea of stage nudity and Scott said that he finds that strange, because the audience are split in two camps; either making a point of looking, or making a point of not looking.  That might seem a strange thing to say, but I do get what he meant by that.  He did say that he has no issue with screen nudity, other than the embarrassment and it is all about how confident he is feeling!!! He did say that the naked scenes bring moments of comedy to the movie because “a load of pale, white Irish arses are always funny”.

Don’t expect to see Andrew in a TV comedy show anytime soon, because he doesn’t want to be tied down to one project for too long.  I really like it when actors are open about that, because it means they are still in love with the acting, just not the paycheck. He would be very open to guesting on a sitcom, so therefore I put it out there, I need him in Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Scott opened up about the fact that he spends time teaching young actors however he doesn’t see himself writing any shows or movies.  He also opened up about the bombshell that he is in fact Irish AND an actor. Who knew!!!!

He said that apparently his mum didn’t make any comment about him being naked in The Stag because as he said “she has seen it all before”!!

Scott then got onto talking about that little show he is in, you know the one about the detective, Sherlock I think they call it!!

He said that Moriarty was originally not meant to be seen in Series One at all, however he still had to screen test with Benedict Cumberbatch as the team knew it had to work.  That screen test script became the swimming pool scene at the end of Series One.

Scott said that he was naive about how popular and successful Sherlock would become, and when he watched Episodes 1 and 2 of Series One, his first thought was “Oh I am so going to fuck this up at the end!” Have I said how much I love Andrew Scott for his brutal honesty, and that wasn’t the last we saw of that either. He did say that he was pleased with the performance he gave of Jim Moriarty, and that some people didn’t want the Moriarty Scott gave.

He did say that he pleased that his Moriarty galvanized opinions, and that some people will never be happy with a character, this doesn’t bother him and he will not apologize his portray of Moriarty.  In fact his answer to those people who weren’t happy was to literally stick two fingers up at them!! Well done Andrew Scott, at this point he got a rapturous round of applause from the audience.

Boyd Hilton did try and get some information out of Scott about what will happen in Season 4 of Sherlock. Andrew did admit that he DOES know what Moriarty returned at the end of Season 3. Some one in the audience asked him to tell us the reason, and Andrew Scott responded in a way that had me almost cheering.  He said “imagine I told you what happened, you would all be crying and you don’t want to know. It would be weird if I told you.”

Again, well said Sir, well said.  Andrew Scott, ladies and gentlemen, telling fangirls and boys like it is!!!!

Scott’s next project is the Tom Hardy film Lock where Tom Hardy is driving round being bombarded by phone calls from Scott, Broadchurch’s Olivia Coleman and Ruth Wilson.  Scott said it really was a case of phoning it in!

For those of us lucky enough to be in London, Andrew will be performing at the iconic venue the Royal Court in a play called Birdland. Scott plays the part of a rockstar, and the plays focuses on the idea that if the rockstar is idolized too much, then the human behind the celebrity isn’t given room to breathe.  This sounds an awesome play and I am hoping to get the chance to go.

Scott reminded people that we are all human, the relationship between actors and fans is a difficult thing, and that whilst it is round to be dismissive of fans, fans need to remember that the person they look up to is a person.  However, he did say that he finds the fan/actor relationship a happy one on the whole.  This got another round of applause, and I think that is a mantra many could do with remembering.

Scott has just finished filming Frankenstein with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.  Scott says he loved the experience, as he had never been on a large scale movie production before. He is also very impressed with Daniel Radcliffe, and he said has a lot of respect for the path Daniel is choosing to take his career.

Scott was asked whether he preferred doing drama or comedy and he said he likes both.  He went on to say that he sees Moriarty as a melancholic, comedic character, albeit one that everyone else is afraid of.

Andrew was asked about a piece of work called Seawall, a monologue written by Simon Stephens, who has also written Birdland.  Scott called it a stunning piece of work, which he is hugely proud of.

I have been to several of these Meet The FilmMakers talks now, and I have to say that I felt Andrew’s was one of the best I have been to.  I am hoping to see The Stag in the next couple of weeks so look out for the review soon.

Also watch out for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier report later this week, as I was lucky enough to attend that event as well.

Should you wish to download the entire podcast you can do that via the iTunes store.

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