Wired Wednesday: It’s Time To Hoard The Kills For A Hexakill

Photo courtesy of Taringa
Photo courtesy of Taringa

You know what’s really sad? I have yet to win a game in the Hexakill mode on League of Legends. And to be totally honest, I wasn’t even all that excited when the new game mode was introduced about a week ago…until I saw this uproariously funny video of a few guys dominating in Hexakill with their global ults.

So whether that method helped them achieve a victory is uncertain, but it’s a definite must-watch if you’re a League of Legends fan or a MOBA gamer, because it is simply downright hilarious. The video is also the major pinpoint that sparked my interest into imagining a thousand possibilities on how to kill the enemy team with global ults. Well, okay, that was greatly exaggerated, but you all know what I mean.

So I tried out Hexakill, and played maybe five games of it, and you know what? It’s viciously fun, and team fights get pretty crazy, but damn once a person gets caught, it’s GG, not to mention it can also get pretty tough. In terms of my luck in queue so far, in every Hexakill game I’ve played I always seen a Lee Sin. Blah, we all know how OP Lee Singa is.

So let me say it again, it’s crazy fun, and at the same time, I hate it. But nonetheless, I’ll keep trying. Except right now, my current goal is to win a Hexakill game. As for acquiring a Hexakill…well, that can wait. Baby steps, baby steps.

Have any of you or your friends gotten a Hexakill yet?

Better try your luck soon, and try even harder with your skills, because the Hexakill game mode ends on March 2nd!