Wired Wednesday: After 7 Years Of Waiting, GunZ: The Second Duel Launches With A Bang


Photo courtesy of MAIET
Photo courtesy of MAIET

If you previously played the popular third person shooter game, Gunz: The Duel, you’d know that Gunz 2 was released earlier this week after seven years of waiting (finally).

Was I excited to play? Yes, quite excited, especially since I was an active GunZ player on International and Ijji; the good old days. But let me be blunt: launch day, February 17th, was an absolute wreck for these guys.

Nothing would work. Hundreds of people were sitting in lobby asking why the tutorial or any games wouldn’t start (although this is fixed now). My client kept crashing (about five times in 30 mins), and yes, in order to leave the nonfunctioning game room, I’d have to force close my client. I understand that it’s still in beta/early access, but it was pretty bad for nothing to work at all. I pretty much gave up until the next day.

Maiet was aware of this, and regularly kept players updated via Steam, while working around the clock to make sure things are getting fixed. A big thanks for that! I finally was able to play the game after the fixes, and it was really fun, especially with friends. The (optional) tutorial was a bit long, and the ending was sort of cheesy, but nonetheless the graphics and gameplay are decent.

Let me share my GunZ 2 experience with you and you can be the judge of what the hype around it is all about.


Photo: Maiet
Photo: Maiet

The graphics are a vast improvement from the first version of GunZ, and even on low settings, they’re not too bad. There are much more fine details in textures, characters, and maps. Even the designs of the characters are great – although the female costumes remind me of Yuna’s outfit from Final Fantasy X-2.

The game loads very quickly and runs extremely smoothly, so if you’re running GunZ 2 on a computer from five years ago, which I have, you’ll have no problem playing this game.

I’ll also mention here that language filter is enabled and there’s no way to disable it. Boo, on that part. It’s almost funny though, even the first three letters of the word “assist” are censored. It’s silly if you ask me.

Game Modes

Photo: Maiet
Photo: MAIET

Things are pretty simple so far, there’s Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Campaign, and Rank. I only got to play a couple minutes of Campaign (before the server was down), but it’s pretty similar to the Quest mode from GunZ. Team Elimination, where you need to kill off the entire enemy team each round, and Team Deathmatch, where you acquire enough points by killing the other team in one whole game, are fun. The matches are pretty short though, and I also find the games significantly less challenging as most of the time people are either rapidly shooting at you or spam fighting you with their swords. Oh, and I should mention that there are tanks and flamethrowers now…cool, huh? Not really, they are annoying as heck to deal with. The odds are in your favour if you have one on your team!



This is quite a major change from the first one, and a pleasant one I might add. You can now earn rewards (mainly gold and ore) for completing achievements, and they’re quite easy to achieve as well. It’s also an easy way to earn bonus gold aside from playing games and, needless to say, the winners get more gold. You can also get free stuff from the Supplies button (top left) every hour.


Photos courtesy of Maiet
Photo: MAIET

There aren’t too many maps to choose from at the moment, about five or six I think. They are all quite similar to the first version maps (the layout of Mansion is identical), although I’d also say most of them are significantly smaller. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it does encourage less camping and quicker game progression. There are also more obstacles in the new maps, and requires more moving about and jumping about if you don’t want to get killed so easily. Time to spam that spacebar.

No More K-style

Photo: MAIET
Photo: MAIET

“What?! But K-style was the definition of GunZ: The Duel!” Oh, I could not agree more, and that’s what definitely cuts the game for me. You can no longer butterfly, slashshot, or any of that fancy shmancy stuff. But regardless, the game is surprisingly still fun, if you like to spray and pray, anyway. It’d be interesting to finally play Rank and see what egoistic toxicity awaits. I can’t imagine what they’ll say…perhaps, “Gj spraying, noob”. I just can’t see any “challenging” factors in terms of skills and combos, other than moving around to dodge hits and switching weapons.

Check out Maiet’s full response to no more k-styling here. The good news is they will be trying to bring in some nifty stuff for us veteran players to keep things interesting.

Photo: MAIET

The server is currently down for maintenance until 4pm PST. Hopefully they’re working on adding more servers as a lot, and I mean a lot, of people have yet to even log on and try out the game. Even my old GunZ buddies have come back and are constantly asking me how the game is, how to login, and sharing their opinions of the game with me as well.

As much as no more k-styling is quite the disappointment, there’s just something about this game that is just plain fun. Is it the simplicity of the game? It’s so straightforward that it’s relaxing and eliminates any need to stress or insult others. This being said, however, I still hope to see some neat updates soon, like more maps and items in shop. The problem with such simplicity is it can get boring pretty quick.

Photo: MAIET

Some serious props to Maiet for finally releasing GunZ 2, though. After 7 years of waiting, I was almost certain it wasn’t going to follow through, so here’s a big congratulations to Venister and Maiet.

If you want to play, here’s a tip on how to get into the game: Don’t just leave the game open and spam click or spam keys. You’ll wait for literally hours and get no where, with the chance of breaking your keyboard. Just restart the client until you get in (takes me about three attempts). I know it sounds like a hassle, but this is what we’ll have to deal with for now.

And GunZ players, feel free to add me on the game! My IGN is Cookie.