Why I’m Still Watching Once Upon a Time


Photo courtesy of ABC
Photo courtesy of ABC

I’ve been a fan of Once Upon A Time since the first episode aired, but there are some occasions where I find myself asking, “Why am I still watching?”

Once had a really good first season, but somewhere along the second, it lost its way and has turned into the show I love to make fun of, or the show I have a love/hate relationship with. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it and the mid-season finale was great, but that’s kind of its problem.

Once has developed this whole pattern of one good episode then one not so good episode. I think where things started to go wrong was the writers tried to add too much, made everyone related, and then added a love triangle that nobody wanted.

So why am I still watching? Well, I could give you the short, two word answer and say, Lana Parrilla and be done with it, but I’m not going to do that.

When I first heard about the show, I got excited. Who doesn’t love fairy tales? It wasn’t even just the fairy tale aspect of it, it was twisting the stories and putting the characters in the real world.

Snow White is a badass who meets her Prince Charming when she robs him. Red Riding Hood is the wolf, instead of just a little girl who gets eaten and has to be rescued. The Evil Queen isn’t just some monster, but someone who wants revenge on someone she blames for her true love being dead. This show gave me villains I could empathize with, making the argument that “evil isn’t born, it’s made.”

This show also made me get terribly frustrated with Snow White, but that’s not a bad thing. They took evil characters and had them do some good things, and took some good characters and had them do some evil things. Once isn’t all black and white, there are some grey areas, and I love that.

They also gave us our first gay fairy tale character, and I hope that we get more who actually get a happy ending. I love the Mulan thing, but I’m not so happy with how they just kind of dropped the story (there’s that love/hate thing).

So yeah, Once has its problems, and I will be the first to point them out, but it’s still fun.

Every show has a few episodes you just don’t talk about and I’m hoping that’s just what happened with Once. I’m optimistically hoping that the creators and writers are still trying to balance the stories they want to tell.

The only way to know for sure is if people keep watching. I’m not ready to let Once go because it still makes me laugh and still makes me cry.