What To Wear: Stevie Boi And His Out Of The Ordinary Sunglasses

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Have I got a treat for you guys for this week’s ‘What To Wear’ or what?! This week’s article is all about young designer who specializes in shades, Stevie Boi!

In case you don’t know who he is, Stevie Boi shades have been worn from celebrities such as Fergie, Snooki and even Lady Gaga! Not only are these shades designed generally for men and women, but they have a unique/high-fashion look about them but still work as an everyday pair of shades. I love accessories like these where you can just wear them for fun or they can do something for you. I actually ordered two items from Stevie, but have not received them and it kills me every day because they look so good.

The variety of designs for the general public is awesome, from dark and moody styles to bright and colorful, you’ll find something you like at his online store at www.stevieboi.com ! You can even contact Stevie through his website personally and customize your own shades so you can really let your imagination run wild!

Stevie has featured in many fashion shows all over the world, touring and even putting on his own shows which you can find footage of on YouTube.

His recent collection ‘LE/\THER’, was really successful because of it’s luxuriously dark elements with spikes and heavy metallics. However, his upcoming collection, ‘X2SEA’ will contrast that greatly with gorgeously bright and colorful rhinestones with a really innovative summer twist.

On his site, you will be able to access a gallery of pictures that feature models on the runway wearing his gear and, as mentioned, the store, where you can see what’s available right now and check out the pricing. The pricing is reasonable considering the quality and appearance of the pieces., but Stevie’s talent is a treasure in the fashion world!

You can follow him on Twitter, where he posts regular new designs and information regarding upcoming shows etc. Check him out!

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