What Fun Does Robodog Have In Store For Chris Colfer’s Fans? Details Released

Photo courtesy of Marza Animation Planet Inc
Photo courtesy of Marza Animation Planet Inc

Since the announcement back in January that Chris Colfer was going to animated as a robot dog in the aptly titled film Robodog, fans have eagerly awaited more information about the project.

The production company behind the film, Timeless Films, have released a longer and much more detailed synopsis of what we can expect to see from KC, the Kinetic Canine and Marshall, the grumpy old “real” dog, who along with KC, embark on a journey of a lifetime.

I should warn you that going any further will result in you reading the films entire synopsis, and for some that may be a little too spoiler-y

KC (CHRIS COLFER) arrives as a special birthday gift from the well-to-do Morgan family to their only daughter, ASHLEY. From the moment that KC arrives, everyone is thrilled and charmed by his antics. He’s a dancing, music machine built to entertain, and no one does it better. KC quickly becomes Ashley’s BFF… Best Furry Friend. He leads a charmed life, but it’s not the life of a dog. It’s the life of a high-end toy. When KC takes a tumble while showing off, he gets damaged and is sent out to be repaired. He doesn’t realize it, but his life is about to change forever.

After being dropped off at MIKE LUNA’s robotics shop by the tearful Ashley, KC sits alone on the repair shelf waiting to be fixed. The earthy repair shop couldn’t be more different from the opulent Morgan home. KC feels like a fish out of water when a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows. It’s MARSHALL (RON PERLMAN), the Luna family guard dog. Marshall’s a gruff old mutt who takes an immediate dislike to the young KC. KC’s not used to being challenged and dismisses Marshall. At the same time, KC can’t help be somewhat fascinated by the first “real” dog that he’s ever met.

Shortly after KC is repaired, he’s stolen from the robotics shop by a couple of opportunistic bikers, VIK and BOBBY. As the ever the dutiful guard dog, Marshall takes the theft personally and pursues the bikers, determined that KC won’t be stolen on his watch. After finding the thieves, KC and MARSHALL escape into uncharted territory, all the while bickering like an old married couple.

Pursued by Vik and Bobby, KC and Marshall are thrown into a series of thrilling adventures. They battle with street dogs in an abandoned iron foundry, flounder down a turbulent river and arrive in a land of mysterious gophers who are absolutely captivated by the head-spinning, music-playing KC. Fuelled by revenge, Vik and Bobby pursue the dogs, getting closer by the day. The only way that KC and Marshall will survive is if they learn to work together and trust each other. Can they put aside their differences long enough to elude their pursuers and make it back to their respective homes?

ROBODOG is a story of friendship. It’s about appreciating what’s inside, regardless of the packaging. An old dog can have his preconceptions overturned and become young again, and a mechanical dog made of circuits, gears and carbon fiber can prove himself to be loyal, brave and trustworthy.


While we wait for the film’s release, which has no official date yet, Chris Colfer has been keeping fans up to date with film’s progress, even Instagramming a photo of himself during a recording session for KC.



I really hope that when the film hits the open market at next month’s European Film Market in Berlin, it’s snatched up quickly. The quicker it’s picked up, the sooner we get to see and hear Chris Colfer as an adorable little robot dog. And I think that’s an excellent idea.

Sarah Goddard