What Does The ‘Sunrise’ Bring In This Week’s How I Met Your Mother?

Photo Courtesy of CBS
Photo Courtesy of CBS

After delving into The Mother’s past in “How Your Mother Met Me”, we rejoin Ted and the gang this week. Its 5am and 13 hours before the wedding, but where’s (a very drunk) Barney? Lets see what happens as the sun rises on this week’s How I Met Your Mother

Following the biggest fight of their marriage, Lily stormed out leaving Marshall alone with his thoughts… and ghost-Lily. Ghost-Lily decides Marshall’s problem is with 2006-Lily and the San Francisco situation, and so her ghost shows up too. Eventually his dad appears as well, all of which try to help him understand the true problem isn’t Lily’s dream of Italy versus his of being a judge, but the lying and idea of winning/losing within a marriage.

Meanwhile, Barney runs in to two guys who are trying, and failing, to have a good night out, and promises to teach them how to live. He starts by taking them to a strip club, the wonderfully named ‘The Crab Shed’, and then to guest star Tim Gunn to suit them up.

Ted and Robin, however, are out looking for Barney and every viewer who still ships them is dying (although after last week I can’t imagine Ted with anyone other than The Mother). The two take a trip down the memory lane dedicated to Ted’s exes, including Victoria, Stella and Jenette, who it turns out Ted has been contacting in order to find Robin’s locket in time for the wedding. In the end we see Ted explain to Jenette that he’s in love with Robin, but she throws the locket off the bridge, and Ted feels Robin slipping away. He confesses to Robin that none of his other exes matter because she is his ‘Top One’, and that he’s moving to Chicago because although New York has given him a lot of good times, there’s also been a lot of bad.

As the day of the wedding dawns, real-Lily returns and the couple decide to stay in New York. Barney passes on all of his worldly advice to his two trainees, as well as the Playbook. He tells them to ‘take care of the game’, letting go of his playboy ways, while Ted and Robin sit and watch the sun come up on a new day, and Ted finally moves on from Robin after eight years. It’s an end of a lot of eras for the show!

So after an emotional episode, the show marches on towards its finale, and Robin and Barney’s wedding. Next time, which isn’t till February 24th, we see the gang try to help Barney with the mother of all hangovers in “Rally”!