What Comes “After” On This Weeks The Walking Dead?

Photo courtesy of AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC


Last night was the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead after a hiatus that was about as long as the hike that Rick made Carol take during the first half of the season! Heyyooo! Right? No? Okay, you’re right, he made her take a drive.

If you need a quick recap of what happened during the first half of the fourth season, please prepare yourselves for this gritty rundown of the events that took place. Rick wanted to be a farmer. They farmed. A lot of people got sick. Someone was feeding rats to the zombies. The Governor is alive and spying on the prison group from afar. People die. Carol inherits a couple of kids named Lizzie and Mika. Glenn gets sick and the fandom freaks out. Carol confesses to burning Tyrese’s girlfriend. Rick kicks Carol out of the group leaving her to go into the world alone. The Governor tries to be a good guy and then decides that is a waste of time and tries to invade the prison. The Governor decapitates Hershel. RIP Hershel. Rick and the Governor get into a fist fight. Michonne stabs the Governor. A lady named Lilly shoots and kills the Governor. Judith is missing and all that is left is a bloody car seat. The end.

Moving on, last night’s episode, entitled “After”, could be considered slow moving. Personally, I thought it was great for reasons that will be discussed at the end of the recap! One downside was that we were only shown what three of our beloved characters were up to. Those three being Rick, Carl and Michonne. I suppose you could count it as five characters if you include the Governor’s dead body and Hershel’s disembodied head.

The group has been separated since the invasion of the prison which leaves Michonne roaming around by herself and Rick and Carl taking off together. Michonne has seemingly lost the new family that she formed at the prison and has fallen back into her old ways of coping with the tragedy by not only beginning to shut down and get her loner face back on but by acquiring two brand new zombie pets. So glad to see those guys back at Michonne’s side!

Photo courtesy of AMC/EW
Photo courtesy of AMC/EW

Michonne’s spends the entire episode walking around looking for any sign of the living or perhaps anyone from her old group. In the midst of that, we find out a little more about her past and who exactly her first set of pets were. In a flashback-dream sequence, we see that in land before zombies, Michonne was a loving mother, sister and girlfriend. In her dream, she is preparing a lovely dinner with her samurai sword. I must say, this part was quite amusing. Specifically when she put the sword into the knife block as if that were normal. It then made me wish my knife set at my house was made of swords. By the end of the flashback, we see that she has lost her child due to zombies, as well as her brother and boyfriend, which she, as you can probably guess, turned into her first set of pets.

Meanwhile during father and son bonding time, we actually see Rick and Carl not bonding at all. In fact, it is the opposite. As the two continue on their travels, Rick is limping and groaning due to his Governor sustained injuries while Carl is just trucking along. To add to their problems, Carl basically does everything that Rick tells him not to do, trying to prove to his father that he’s an adult and can fend for himself. They stumble upon a residential neighborhood where they find an empty house that they spend the night in. The next morning when Carl goes in to talk to his dad, he finds Rick in an all too familiar state, a coma. Carl decides that screaming in his face would be the best way to wake him up however all that does is bring a bunch of walkers up to the door of the house.

Carl, believing that he can do everything on his own, lures the walkers into the forest where he becomes overwhelmed by them but succeeds in shooting them all and surviving. After that, he goes back to the house and really goes on a rant to a comatose Rick. He tells him that he doesn’t need him to protect him anymore and that he can do it on his own. He also tells him that he has let everyone that he’s cared for down by not protecting them from the Governor or from the walkers and heads on out of the house again to cause more trouble. Trouble in the form of more freaking zombies attacking him in a house. After a really stressful scene of watching Carl barely make it away from the zombie, he decides to celebrate by eating a 112 ounces of chocolate pudding on top of a roof.

That night during Carl’s slumber, he hears Rick grumbling on the couch only to assume that he has turned into a flesh eating zombie and prepares to shoot him in the face. Luckily, he proves to not be the big bad zombie killer that he thinks he is and it’s a darn good thing too because Rick speaks and turns out to be alive! Yay! I mean, did you really think he was dead? Come on. He really appeared to be though, it was a close call.

Photo courtesy of AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC

On Michonne’s travels, she finds a set of tracks that are not that of a lazy walker but of actual people and decides to follow them. Coincidentally, the tracks lead her to a place where Carl and Rick had just been! Knowing that people had actually been there, she decides to take a trot around the neighborhood only to find the house where they’re staying and spies on them through the window before finally knocking on the door. Reunited!

The episode may not have been that action packed or had any epic twists in it but I thought it was solid episode. We learned a bit more about Michonne’s past and how she ended up where she is today. And while Carl is a bit of a drama king, we were reminded that he’s a kid that’s had to grow up too damn quick in the wake of disaster. He wants to be able to do everything his dad does and to protect people. He’s just trying to prove himself and have his father recognize that.

Next week it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more from Glenn, Maggie, Tyrese and of course, Daryl Dixon. Check out the preview below!

What did you guys think of the episode? Any predictions on what’s going to happen during the rest of the season? Hit us up in the comments below! With that, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek for next week’s episode as seen on The Talking Dead!

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