Was A Captain America: The Winter Soldier Secret Villain Accidentally Revealed?

Photo courtesy of Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel

Who likes spoilers? Personally, I’m not too big on them. In fact, I’m still recovering from when my friend told me that Sirius Black dies at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He so perfectly laid down this mega spoiler while handing me his copy of the book I was borrowing, right after I told him that I hadn’t read it. But hey, what are friends for?

Fans patiently waiting the release of Captain America: The Winter Solider, were recently treated as I was so many years ago. This past weekend, MTV covered the 2014 New York Toy Fair. A display at the Fair may or may not have revealed a hidden villain from the new film. Fair warning, the following might be a spoiler. Lovers of all things non-spoiler who do not want to feel my forever pain, now is the time to look away.

Photo courtesy of MTV
Photo courtesy of MTV

The site snapped a few photos of the upcoming films toy lineup, one of which is of the first films baddie, Red Skull. The new toy could be hinting at a possible return of the “man out of time’s” nemesis making a big screen come back.

For those who remember Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull, played by the ever talented Hugo Weaving, was teleported to a place unknown by the ever coveted Tesseract. This spoiler of sorts doesn’t prove that Red Skull will turn up in the new film.

A similar rumor took place a year ago, with the release of Tony Stark’s “Deep Space Suit” action figure for Iron Man 3. Rumor had it that the Guardians of the Galaxy would be featured in the spring blockbuster, which turned out to be false.

A separate rumor posted by Screen Crave, is looking to hold a little more weight than the appearance of a popular character’s action figure. However, Screen Crave does not claim a source for the rumor, which is quickly turning it sour. Be it that Red Skull makes a surprise appearance or not, the new film should be a hit, with the Russo brothers already being tapped to direct the follow up to Winter Solider.

As far as secret or multiple villains go, well, that seems to be the trend. If we all remember correctly, there was no hint of an appearance by Two-Face in The Dark Knight. From the trailer, the audience gathered that Harvey Dent played a crucial role in the epic film, the extent of which was unknown and only made for a tremendous third act. I for one think it’d be great to see Red Skull resurface. It’s too soon to have a character with such magnitude and history in the universe that is Captain America, to be killed off or not take another swing at Cap. What do you think about this possible rumor? Does a secondary villain, specifically one who has already been introduced, have an impact on a film’s success? Post your thoughts in the comments section.



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