Warner Bros. Releases Outtakes Of The LEGO Movie, And They’re Pretty Silly

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

It’s pretty common for animated movies to release a blooper reel as a treat for fans, and The LEGO Movie is no different. However, instead of nesting it inside the special features portion of the DVD, Warner Bros. decided to release a video online consisting of a series of comical outtakes, showing set malfunctions, mini-figure characters futzing up their lines, and Batman’s grapple gun randomly setting off at inappropriate times.

The highlight of the reel? It’s a tie between what appears to be Will Arnett’s Batman testing out different improvised lines while flying into the sun, and Chris Pratt’s character Emmett joining him in a lengthy, out-of-character discussion about the relief gained from leaning, thus vocally concocting the invention of a seatless armchair.


Before the movie was even released in theaters, Warner Bros. already gave the green light for a sequel. With such stunning animation, a heart-warming story, and a great voice cast to top it off, it’ll be difficult to surpass the success of the first film. But when you take into consideration the fact that the directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller are also the crafty geniuses behind 21 Jump Street, Clone High, and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, we have faith that they will deliver something equally as clever and unique, if not more.